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Next and if you’re looking for make-up to compliment your holiday tan then look no further than the Riviera where Giordani Gold’s new range was the inspiration. The 2013 summer collection is for the woman who is looking for products to make the skin glow as if it was touched by the sun and will last all day. 

In the Riviera range we have the Summer Glow Tan-Enhancer with SPF15 for sun kissed illuminated skin.
Similar to a foundation it will soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin feeling moisturized, soft, smooth and silky to touch.  It gives a healthy and even skin tone and helps to maintain the skins suppleness and elasticity. The SPF in the formula will protect again UV damage and helps to prevent dryness and Flaking in the sun, making it the ideal formula to take away with you.

We’ve got the Supreme Length Waterproof Mascara in the collection too, smudge and flake-proof for up-to 12 hours! This is the clinically tested waterproof version of the best-selling Supreme Length Mascara.
The specially developed brush with all round bristles provides supreme length, definition and separation. If you’ve tried it before then you know from first hand it’s long lasting and makes your lashes lushes! 

The Sparkling Lip Glosses, available in 3 gorgeous summer shades contain SPF15 to protect against the sun and feeling glam by the pool has never felt so good.
The Lip Shimmers give medium coverage and help to protect against signs of aging thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing formula. They give lips a glistering, glossy sparkle that would dazzle anyone from poolside.

This set is the ultimate holiday make-up collection; you need not pack anything else in your make-up luggage! Get all 3 for £22.85 and have more room in your luggage for your favourite accessories! 

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