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How To Apply Fake Tan Like a Pro

An increasing number of individuals are using phony tans these times - - this is a secure choice to the tanning salon and sunbathing. Fortunately with a lot of amazing fake tan products available on the market now, the times of looking like a section of streaky bacon or even a fine mature orange are no more.

That does not mean that you should just slap it on and hope for the top although. Here are ten essential tips to follow in case you are considering of having that amazing bronzed appearance...

 Preparation is king

On dry patches as the merchandise will turn darker obtaining a great phony tan all depends on the state of the skin. So, it's absolutely vital to
* Exfoliate- Use exfoliating gloves, a mitt, or a great body scrub and pay special attention to regions of-the body that are prone to dryness including underarms, elbows, knees and ankles.
, apply moisturiser to dry areas like the elbows, knees and knuckles, Also, dab some Vaseline on the nails to avoid discolouration."

"Don't rub your self tan in as this will make it uneven"Smooth it on gently then five minutes after application, use damp hands over the tanned areas to blend colour evenly."

Don't forget to brush your teeth before you do this, if you're applying fake tan only before you go-to bed. Drying your mouth after brushing can remove the fake tan, leaving tell tale white marks!

 Protect eyebrows, hairline and fingernails

Apply Vaseline (or similar) to brows and along the hairline to prevent bogus tan from sticking to these areas and tinting them a wonderful color of orange. This is especially important in case your hair is really light. It could become a great thought as fake tan loves to discolour them and stick to cuticles to complete the same around fingernails and toenails.

 Glove up

There is nothing worse than orange palms. Not only do they look stupid but they are also a dead giveaway your suntan is not real. So make sure you use the gloves supplied or invest in a bumper pack of disposable gloves from your local supermarket -- you'll find them in the cleaning !

 Attention to detail

Make sure that you work methodically, from top-to bottom, or vice versa, so as to not miss everywhere, in case you are using a gel or cream. And be thorough with your rubbing in or you'll be left with streaks and white spots. Using something which is tinted will assist you to acquire a great, even coverage, if you're new to everything. Do not be fearful of spots that look darker and places that look streaky at this point, as long as you have rubbed it in right you'll still get an even tan once you wash off the guide colour. 


Do not be in too much of a rush to put your clothing on or once you have applied the fake tan climb in to bed. It's worth giving them at the very least fifteen minutes when you can to actually sink in, even though most great fake tans dry immediately.

 Old clothes

The following morning fake tan can stain clothing if it isn't beaten up right away, so stick to dark coloured clothing that you really do not mind an excessive amount of about, and wash your bed sheets.

Correct it

Fake tan corrector lotions and wipes are accessible and are worth investing in, especially in case you are a nervous novice, should you choose to happen to have it a little wrong.

Ensure it is last

Make use of a mild exfoliating shower gel every other day after tanning and moisturise daily to prolong the appearance of your own suntan. Most fraudulent tans will continue well for at the very least five days and after that'll want a buff and also a refresh.

 Every thing in moderation

Layering them on day after day can nevertheless lead to that dreaded orange tint, so remember that there is no requirement employ a lot more than one every 8-12 days in the event that you follow tip number nine, while fraudulent tans nowadays provide an excellent natural colour.

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