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Turning a page you will see Optimals is continued again with the launch of the Oxygen Boost Day and Night Cream for Dry/Sensitive Skin. And we also have the new Optimals Seeing is Believing Eye Cream.

The third of the new Optimals Oxygen Boost Day and Night Cream ranges is especially adapted for Dry/Sensitive skin.

It’s ideal for women of all ages who feel their skin is negatively impacted by the environment and needs a breath of fresh air. It’s also for women who have been using Optimals Nutricalm, which this range replaces.

Oxygen Boost for Dry/Sensitive skin contains Lingon 50:50 like the other Optimals Skin Care ranges, plus O2; a molecule of natural origin that improves skin cells’ respiration. This ingredient “coaches” the cell into boosting oxygen consumption, resulting in enhanced skin vitality.

The Day and Night Creams are rich and easily applied. And 90% of women in tests experienced a hydrated and comfortable skin feel after using the Day Cream for just 2 weeks.

The new Seeing is Believing Eye Cream is for women of all ages who are looking for a brighter, fresher eye area with less puffiness and faded dark circles.

It contains Lingon 50:50 and an O2 Active for fresher-looking and energized eyes.

95% of women who used the Eye Cream for 4 weeks saw the benefits of refreshed, and awakened eyes.

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