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We continue on from our Time Reversing Skin Genist range too this Catalogue with the launch of the Multi-Cleanser.

Its our first ever anti-ageing milk cleanser with genistein soy and has a rejuvenating and refreshing moisturizing agents to provide the skin with nourishment and leaves skin feeling instantly smooth.

There are 5 great skin benefits in 1 cleansing formula here:

1. It removes make-up and impurities without drying out the skin
2. It brightens skin tone
3. It helps to restore skin’s moisture
4. It leaves skin feeling nourished
5. It provides a smooth and velvety feel to the skin after use.

The Multi-Cleanser is for women aged 45+ who are looking to preserve the youthfulness of their skin.

We have the exclusive launch offer price attached to this too, its just £9.95 in Catalogue 6. 

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