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Giordani Gold Romantic Pearl/ Radiance Luminiser

Good News for all you fans of the Giordani Gold Romantic Pearl/ Radiance Luminiser

Oriflame has brought out a New Limited Edition product  Summer Glow Enhancer , this product is the closest thing to Romantic Pearl i have seen , As a user of Romantic Pearl I to was sad to see it go but I am pleased to say this product is very very close , it has the luminising effect and a colour pigment , the colour is slightly more pinky bronze than bronze but the effect and coverage is very close

As this is a limited Edition the availability will not last so don't miss out and best of all it is only £7.95
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In the Riviera range we have the Summer Glow Tan-Enhancer with SPF15 for sun kissed illuminated skin.

Similar to a foundation it will soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving skin feeling moisturized, soft, smooth and silky to touch.  It gives a healthy and even skin tone and helps to maintain the skins suppleness and elasticity. The SPF in the formula will protect again UV damage and helps to prevent dryness and Flaking in the sun, making it the ideal formula to take away with you.

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