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A masculine fragrance with a heart of gold. A combination of citrus, herbal, woody and leathery notes to evoke a powerful sensuality. The products under this category are as follows:
This clean, refined scent is a traditional manifestation of man elegance. It discreetly progresses from clean notes of geranium and bergamot to warm suggestions of ruby and exotic hardwoods. The right balance between traditional design and modernity. 
Rich, frothy foam for a close and certain cut. Added conditioners and moisturisers leave skin feeling smooth and soft. Tremble properly. Distribute a small amount on your hand and sleek over face, cut and wash.
Effective antiperspirant and deodorant in one. Fragranced with the classic and deeply refined Eclat For Men – a sophisticated blend of bergamot, coriander and amber. 
Antiperspirant roll-on deodorant, fragranced with the scent of Eclat for Men. Reduced white marks. Quick-dry formulation.
Relaxed elegance defines this avid sportsman. A balanced harmony of woody, spicy and watery notes exudes the energy of a man who is successful in all facets of life, and knows how to enjoy his time off.
Calming and hydrating after shave cream. Distribute a small amount in to your hands and utilize to shaved area. Use as well as other Eclat products.

Eclat is inspired by the allure of blending tradition and modernity. Just like Japanese ikebana (flower arranging) and kimono, new and modern works of art are always being born. The source of that energy is behind the expression of deep impact, bringing out liberated sensation, the vibration of one’s own feelings, and the vibrant seductiveness of unfettered movement. The fragrance projects the essence of a modern man – drawing the truth from her inner reaches on a breath of floral freshness, layered with amber and wood. Created with stress relieving aromachological ingredients, the fragrance invites you to ignite the soul and let your own passionate nature burst free. The bottle contains the elegance of a tea room – exquisite in its simplicity and sensual in its restrained, yet glowing form. The gold color reflects sunlight, the treasure of the earth, and the element of richness and warmth. Eclat awakens from its traditional stillness.


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