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Our Best Foundation Primer and beauty tips - Oriflame

Before applying any make-up, make sure you have followed an appropriate skin care routine. Indeed, how your make-up looks toward the end of the day depends to a large extent on how you clean and prepare your skin at the beginning of the day. A well prepared and moisturised face (including the lips) will help make-up to blend better and last longer The make-up routine starts with the face.
In four easy steps, Oriflame will enhance your features and create the look of flawless skin.

Step 1 – Primer/Foundation
It is an important step as it provides the perfect base for the application of the rest of the make-up.
Oriflame’s foundations are cleverly designed to enhance your complexion. Some also contain sun protection. When applying, make sure the foundation is blended everywhere, don’t forget the lips and the area around the eyes, and ears as well.

How to choose the correct shade
Foundation must be well matched to your skin tone. The perfect shade of foundation should vanish into your skin without a trace and look natural.
The best way to test the foundation is where the neck meets the jaw line. Testing on the back of the hand or on the wrist will not give the best results since the skin of the face definitely differs greatly from the shade of your hand or wrist. After applying a small amount on the jaw line, check whether it matches the natural colour of your neck or not. When testing foundation, allow it to set for at least a minute; the chemistry and heat of your body may change the colour of the foundation.
If you hesitate between two colours, it’s then recommend to choose one shade lighter than your
natural skin tone. Having a foundation with a lighter colour will give your skin a brighter effect.

How to apply foundation
Oriflame foundations are easy to apply. After you moisturise your face, wait 1-2 minutes before applying the foundation. To apply foundation, you can either use a foundation brush or a clean sponge. The sponge/brush gives you a more natural and smoother make-up look as well as more even coverage. When applying, make sure the foundation is blended everywhere, don’t forget the lips and the area around the eyes, and ears as well, as you don’t necessarily have to apply foundation on lips, it’s not a must.

1. Make sure you shake your foundation vigorously before applying.
2. Mix and warm up the foundation on the back of your hand so that you can move freely.
3. Put small dabs of foundation on different parts of your face such as the forehead, nose tip, chin and cheek bones and then blend a little at a time with the sponge or a foundation brush on the face and spread it towards the exterior to avoid the «mask effect». Make sure the foundation is blended everywhere. Don’t forget to blend into neck, jaw line, hair line and area between face and ears. The lips and the area around the eyes are also important to cover for longer lasting eye and lip make-up.
4. In case of excess foundation on the surface of the skin, remove it using a tissue lightly over the entire face and neck.
5. Clean your sponge with water and soap after each application for hygienic reasons. After several uses, replace it with a new one.

As the colour of your skin can change according to the seasons, advise your customer to always have 2 shades of foundation, one lighter during the winter and one darker during the summer. Make sure the 2 shades are close to the natural skin tone of the customer.Use a face primer before applying foundation if you feel your skin needs extra conditioning and moisture. It will also help your make-up last all day.
Use a magnifying mirror and check make-up in natural light. There is nothing worse than make-up that is not applied well
Oriflame Beauty foundations

Oriflame foundations are NOT only liquid but also cream, stick, powder, for different skin types (oily, dry, normal and sensitive skin) and with different benefits (moisturising, anti-ageing, long lasting etc.) and different coverage (light, medium, high)
The charts  gives you an overview of the Oriflame Beauty foundations portfolio. This summary, containing the actions and extra benefits for each of the products, will help you  identify which products best suits your needs and fulfills your wishes.

Giordani Gold  foundations portfolio

The product story of the  Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation.
An unmistakably younger appearance - a timeless classic returns enriched with rare White Truffle extract for improved age defying qualities. Its creamy texture
combines a smooth, even finish and hydrating qualities
with SPF 8 to help keep your skin looking immaculate.
Very Me  foundations portfolio
Oriflame offers a wide range of foundations within its 3 main brands (Oriflame Beauty,
Giordani Gold and VeryME) and 1 new brand: EcoBeauty.

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