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Oriflames Optimals Skincare Re - launch

GREAT JUST GOT AMAZING Would you like to know how to take care of your skin?
Do you have too little time for yourself?
Are you dreaming about having ideal skin?

Whatever your age, skin type or skin needs,
you want to feel good about your looks.
New Optimals will help you reach your ideal
skin and be your beautiful self, simply and easily
– so you have one thing less to worry about!

Optimals is one of Oriflame skincare’s best-loved product ranges, so much so that Oriflame sell over 15 million Optimals products worldwide every year! Oriflame always looks for ways to improve even the best-selling ranges, and we are sure you’ll love the new range as much as we do.

Oriflame  wanted to make it as simple as possible for customers to buy.  Oriflames aim is for the product names to be clearer and to better resonate with the customer.
For instance we have now changed Time Relax to Skin Youth and Bio Maximum will be replaced by Smooth Out. Whilst keeping the bestsellers like Oxygen Boost and maximizing the potential by offering options for dry, normal and oily skin too.

Oriflame have now added Lingon 50:50, our new patented technology derived from the Scandinavian lingonberry.
Did you know the lingonberry can withstand arctic temperatures of -40 degrees?
Oriflame wanted to know what a berry this resistant could do for your skin…
Oriflame  discovered that when the lingonberry is combined with the lingon leaf it multiplied the antioxidant content and it is three times more powerful than other European berries.
Oriflame's scientific researcher Dean Hickey explains:

“Anti-oxidants are a key element in the protection and health of the skin, acting as a barrier to
harmful UV rays and pollution. As a result, you get a healthy, youthful complexion, the base to all ideal skin.”

So now Oriflame have the fantastic new formula Lingon 50:50 plus a special customised active ingredient for your individual skin needs; the perfect combination for ideal skin.

We understood that the design of the products didn’t feel exciting enough. So we kept the original colour codes with the lighter shades for day and darker shades for night but really enhanced the colours by making them more vibrant, then we tweaked the jar design to really modernize the whole look. You may also notice a new picture on the products; this is to illustrate the lingon berry and leaf, at the heart of our unique patented formula.

Optimals Oxygen Boost for Normal/ Combination skin
• Optimals Oxygen Boost for Oily Skin Both these Oxygen Boost ranges incorporate the protective antioxidant technology of Lingon 50:50 with Oxygen-attracting properties to boost healthy cell respiration. Both ranges for all ages.

• Optimals Smooth Out Includes Lingon 50:50 and Magnesium which fortifies the skin structure,
resulting in fewer wrinkles and firmer skin. For ages 40+.
In addition to Day and Night Creams in all the ranges in our chart,

The third of the new Optimals Oxygen Boost Day and Night Cream ranges is especially adapted for Dry/Sensitive skin.
It is ideal for women of all ages with dry or sensitive skin who feel their skin is
negatively impacted by the environment and needs a breath of fresh air. And also for women who have been using Optimals Nutricalm, which this range replaces. Oxygen Boost for Dry/Sensitive skin
contains key ingredients:
• O2, a molecule of natural origin that improves skin cells’ respiration. It “coaches” the cell into boosting oxygen consumption, resulting in enhanced skin vitality.
• Lingon 50:50™ protective antioxidant technology.

The Day and Night Creams are rich and easily applied, light pink in colour.
90% of women in tests experienced a hydrated and comfortable skin feel after using the Day Cream for 2 weeks

Cleansing is the essential first step of any good skin care routine. Cleansers remove the largest impurities, excess oil and make-up and purify the skin. Toners remove any last trace of make-up and impurities. They tone, refresh, calm and soften the skin to perfectly prime it for the application of a day or night cream. Like all other products in the new Optimals range, the Cleansers and Toners contain a combination of 50% berry and 50% leaf extracts from the Swedish Lingonberry. Lingon 50:50™, is protective antioxidant technology that neutralises the effects of environmental stress, allowing the skin cells to function normally and helping them to regenerate.
And now, Optimals Cleansers and Toners are the best ever as they are perfectly
adapted to different skin types:
• For Normal/combination skin (all ages) the cleanser is a light, clear foaming gel.
• For Oily skin (all ages) a light, clear gel cleanser.
• For Dry/sensitive skin (all ages) the cleanser is a light white milk.

Oriflame’s optimals will be available to buy in the UK from 13th april onwards priced at £20.95, 15ml (a special launch price of £14.95 is available until 13 April 2013) visit to purchase or why not become one of Oriflame’s nationwide network of Consultants. To find out more visit

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