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Oriflame's Rival Eau de Toilette


Influenced by the environment of the boxing ring, we see a body honed and sculpted like a Greek god. Our charismatic and powerful hero is featured in a masculine and sensual way.
The woody-watery scent is powerful with a shot of black coffee in the base note and strikingly vibrant and zesty top notes. The muscular bottle shape is inspired by the torso of a well-trained boxer.

Here’s what the perfumer has to say about the inspiration behind his creation:

“I created a black shot around a black coffee note, having in mind the adrenaline rush before a boxing match and the extra caffeine the boxer will need. As in the match, I wanted the black coffee note to “fight” with fresh effervescent top notes. For that, I have used the stimulating aromatic notes of the Asian Vu-Huong tree that I have recently discovered. A duet of violet leaves and geranium allowed me to give an elegant and floral signature to the heart whereas in the dry down I have softened the coffee bitterness with warm and comfortable notes of amber and tonka beans”

Rival Eau de Toilette
Powerful and full of bravado like a heavyweight contender, Rival Eau de Toilette packs a punch with exhilarating notes of black coffee and stimulating vu-huong accord around the subtle refi nement of violet leaves for a dynamic contrast of the driven champion and sexy sophisticate. 75 ml.

Winner takes all
You’re the contender they’ve been waiting for. Your drive and dedication push you forward and you never back down. And the heart and soul of a champion burns within you…

Rival Eau de Toilette will be available to buy in the UK from 13th April  onwards  visit to purchase or why not become one of Oriflame’s nationwide network of Consultants. To find out more visit

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