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Whats new in the Oriflame Catalogue 11

As the summer school holidays draw to a close and the kids return to school, mums are now thinking about Christmas and how they can afford it. Oriflame offers a great way to help with Christmas  cost  find out more at
  With the re-launch of our most prestigious Skin Care range ‘Time Reversing’ you can be sure that Oriflame is still the most innovative, high quality skin care and cosmetic company within the DSA, providing high-end quality products at high-street prices.

Time Reversing is already one of our top-selling anti-aging ranges, but now the claims of performance are even stronger, thanks to years of research into the potential of the key ingredient: Soy.

For Time Reversing SkinGenist,  Oriflame Scientists have identified a unique form of more potent, encapsulated soy extract which contains the isoflavone Genistein.  Scientific research has shown that Genistein acts at a genetic level to stimulate activity in 3 beauty genes which are responsible for the maintenance of a youthful appearance. This is a brand new discovery for Oriflame scientists.

The new and improved product range runs up to Christmas  but is launched in Catalogue 11 with the Day and Night cream.
The day cream is formulated to reactivate the youth potential of skin for customers skin aged 45 years and over. The new formular genistein soy stimulates beauty genes by dramtically dimishing wrinkles whilst improving skin radiance, firmness, resilience and tone. In addition to this the day cream includes SPF 15 for added pritection against UV exposure.

As with many of our skin care ranges, the performance is enhanced when both the Day & Night creams are used. The half price offer on the Night Cream with the purchase of the Day cream helps to make this more affordable. Complete your day and night time skin ritual for just £22.40– saving customers 50% off the RRP.

Look out for more information in the special edition of Product News and there is even more information available to you in frequently asked questions format that can be found after log in on the website, visit My pages, Sales Support Tools and download the word document to make the best of your product knowledge and the best of your sales.

Another re-launch in Catalogue 11 is the gorgeous Power Shine Satin Lipstick. The unique core comination or our best-loved glossy Power Shine Lipstick joins forces with a concentrated powder pigment core, bringing customers long-lasting wear, richer colour intensity and a stunning satin finish.

The world’s first lipstick with powder core technology only enhances all the benefits of Power Shine by bringing us 3d light reflecting technology for amazing shine and wrapping the Power Shine heart like beautiful satin. It’s a rich formular for solid colour and staying power – Up to 4 hours wear ladies! 

It’s creamy texture glides on smoothly and left my lips feeling soft and moisturised.  I went for the Nude Lustre colour but I can see the Brown sheen and Satin Mauve being popular colour choices as we enter into the autumn months. Customers can save £2.50off the RRP in catalogue 11.

 Velvet Blaze
Turning a page you will see another glamourous newbie introduced in Catalogue 11 and that’s the Velvet Blaze Cream Eye Shadows.
I was so excited to trial these as i’ve been looking for a similar product since Boujoirs Paris discontinued their Shimmering Liquid Eye Shadow
And let me tell you, the likeness is un-canny, except I found the Oriflame Velvet Blaze lasted longer.

Application is easy with the doe-foot sponge applicator and it gives an even shimmer of colour across the entire lid. The formula is light-weight so makes for a fashionable day time look, or to dramatise eyes for the evening, just double up on the application. It’s crease-resistant so you don’t get that thick line on the lid and it’s luminous texture makes blending easy.

I went for the Shimmer Taupe but I have Frosted White on my hit list for this winter.

These little beauties won’t be around forever so stock up now – just £6.95     and if you have  a big family of girls, why not team these Velvet Blaze Eye Shadows with the Wonder Lash Intense Mascara on Page 13.

Wonder Lash offer
Yep that’s right, our best-selling Wonder Lash Intense mascara is Buy 1 Get 1 Free. It’s the most intense, dramatic black ever with amazing volume, length and curl. Team this up with the velevet blaze and that’s a gift of glamour that every women would appreciate this Christmas. apply mascara in zig-zag movements to thicken the lashes – fuller eyes that say ‘look at me’.

 Giordani Gold
Also new in Make-Up and continued from Catalogue 10’s Giordani Gold Eau de Toilette launch we have the gorgeous Venetian Affair Collection. This is inspired by the city of love and sets the scene for a story of passion, mystery and desire .

The Exclusive collection is available in 2 lipstick shades; Forbidden kiss and Midnight Mystique. The high-coverage formula is a blend of pearls and pigments infused with gold particles to bring shine and radiance. Vitamin A and SPF 15 in the formular hydrates the lips whilst defending against signs of aging, helping to restore your beautiful soft smile.

The marbleised baked eye shadows, available in 2 warm shimmering shades; Starry Nights and Renaissance Romance are also speckled with shimmering gold. They provide smooth appliocation and leave a semi-matte finish that’s long-lasting and comfortable on the lid. 

Again these are limited life so mix and match your favorite shades before they are snapped up!

 Giordani Gold Shaping brow Gel
Ladies don’t forget that when creating ‘Look at me eyes’ people will also be looking at your eyebrows so team any eye shadow and mascara up with the Giordani Gold Shaping Eyebrow Gel that’s on offer on page 43.

I spoke heavily about Eyebrows  earlier and I can’t express enough how important it is to maintain and polish up on your eyebrows. Eyebrows give your face character and perfectly groomed eyebrows will become a real beauty asset. Ideally eyebrows should have the shape of a coma, the inside portion of the eyebrow should be thickest, and should taper to the outer edge, miming the natural contour of the eye.

Invest in the Shaping Eyebrow Gel to groom the brows and hold your perfect shape for longer.

 Oriflame beauty Eyebrow Kit
…And achieve the perfect shape with the Oriflame beauty Eyebrow Kit, only £4.75/€6.45 on page 35 – I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a fabulous saving that is! The kit contains 2 blendable shadows, 2 brushes and setting wax! Remember though ladies’ if you’re blonde you need to be one shade darker than your hair colour and brunettes – you need to be one shade lighter!

So what else is New to Catalogue 11?

  Solid Perfumes
Lets fast forward a few pages to the NEW Solid perfumes on page 49.

I love these little beauties; although I have to stop myself from thinking they are lip balm tins. Hee hee.

These chic compacts are the perfect way to carry your favorite fragrance on the go. Available in; Grace, Enigma and Midnight Pearl, these beautiful and elegant pots maybe compact but they don’t disappoint on the scent intensity.

They are still as powerful as the sprays but condensed for subtle application, simply dab your fingers with your chosen fragrance and apply to your pulse points in slow circular motions to release and intensify the fragrance. 

Because it’s a solid formula you will find a little pot goes a long way in comparison to the perfume sprays, well especially if you are anything like me who tends to be free flowing when it comes to applying perfume.
Get your favorite solid fragrance for just £7.95

 GG Spray/Deodrant
More additions to another popular women’s fragrance is the Giordani Gold Deadorising Body Spray and Anti-perspirant 24hour deaodrant. The NEW eau de parfume was a popular seller with it’s launch in 10 so remember those customers who ordered and be sure to offer them this 2 products to add to their collection.

Both contain the same fragrance as the perfume; white jasmine and orange flower that blend beautifully with the New note; white Madonna Lily. Just gorgeous and it leaves an elegant trail of solar musk patchouli and crystal moss.

Both the Body Spray and Anti-perspirant are on offer in 11 so be sure to point this fab saving out to your Giordani Gold customers.

So what else is NEW in Cat 11?

 London Very Me
Well Very me once again has some funky new additions and this time with a London themed collection. Check pages 108-112. We have loads going on here and the range was inspired by all the action our capital has had this summer.

The collection brings us Shower Gel, Deodrant , Eau de Toilette, Bag, Purse, Scarf, Lipstick, and Hair Stlying Gel – really everything you need to get that booho camden look.  

Shall we start with the London for her Eau De Toilette? It’s a floral rose fragrance with an added twist of white musk – try the scratch and sniff – it’s a subtle gorgeous blend that’s fresh, and clean – just perfect for daytime shopping in the city.

Also perfect for shopping in the city is the London Purse, Bag and funky bohoo scarf – very chic and teamed with some jeans, white t.shirt and converse trainers you have the perfect glamour rock look.  – Don’t forget to match your look with the Nude Very Me London Lipstick for added glamour – 

and try the London Pony Tail shown on Page 112 using the Styling Hair gel for that head-to-toe London Make-over! I love it!

Next Very Me introduces something for the guys… I’ve never seen anything like this for our younger boys so I’m please to introduce to you all the NEW I.D Beats Eau de Toillete.
Choose from Hot Ginger, Exotic Coconut and Cedarwood or the Sparkling Yuzu, Fresh Ginger Root and Cucumber.

Both are equally as pleasant – try the scratch and sniff – which one is more suited to your customer’s teenage sons, nephews, or brothers?

The boys will love the bottle design, influenced heavily by graffiti art spray cans to make them funky and fashionable and seeing as the most of the youngsters now are all about skateboards and can tell you about the latest Banksy design, I’d say they were very ‘NOW’ and will be a welcomed addition to any hormonal teenagers cosmetic cabinet. Outstanding value here too – 150ml is just £10.95 on offer in Catalogue 10.

 Pure Skin
We’ve got some fantastic offers going on in Catalogue 10 for teenage skin care too – check out pages 68-69 and lets take a closer look at the Pure Skin Range for oily skin, aged 15 years and up.

The kids went back to school this week and all wanted to make an impression in their first weeks, especially if they have moved up to a new school or joined a new class. Let’s be honest, there is a lot of pressure on kids to fit in these days but as parents we will do anything to make that easier for them. We get them the best kicks, coat and bag to look ‘cool’ but something we can’t prevent is them getting spots.
However with Oriflame’s Pure Skin range we can treat them and prevent from further breakouts. Teenagers make extra hormones called ‘androgens, which tend to make sebaceous glands go crazy, producing more sebum, creating greasy skin and blocked hair follicles – this generally results in a white or blackhead spot.
Spots are no ones fault but by introducing your teenager into a good cleansing routine you could be making their future school years a happier one.
We have some fab offer on here.
Offer the Pure Face Wash Deep Action for just £3.95
This exfoliating cleanser targets pores and fights breakouts and blackheads with regular use. The breakthrough spot-fighting formula: gets to the root cause of spots fast, whilst exfoliating and smoothing the skin. It works by reducing the size of pores, making them less visible and leaving skin cleaner and smooth.

Follow the regime with the Pure Skin Blackhead Toner Deep Action for just £3.95
This removes dirt, oil and dead skin that can cause blackheads and prevents spot blemishes/acne.  The formula reduces sebum production and acts as an exfoliator so deeply cleanses pores to help reduce enlarged pores and makes skin look clearer. When used daily the impurities dry out and the skin looks naturally purer.

You could even throw in the Pure Skin 1 Clarifying Scrub 2 Purifying mask for an extra 85pto give an added treatment once a week.

In fact, you could get the complete set on both pages for under £20amazing back to school savings!
 driver offer

This time Customers are given a choice of 2 of our most popular fragrances; opt for the Giordani Man Dolce Vita or the gorgeous Eclat Weekend for her. Both are available at 60% off when customers spend just £20 in the Catalogue.
That’s a staggering saving of £14 on the men’s fragrance and £13  on the women’s – an outrageous offer!

We’ve had requests for offers for men so we know this option of a top-selling men’s fragrance will be popular to an exciting catalogue.

Mask/brush set
Another fab offer to look out for is on Page 18 where you can get brillaint discounts on our favourite face masks. These alone make a great buy but with any mask purchased you can get the Brush at just £1.95– that’s a bargain and one

Ever Lasting Foundation
One not to miss also is the FREE scahet of our New Ever Lasting Foundation that will be launched in Catalogue 12.
Customers who buy any product from Pages 29-35 will be invited to try it for FREE when it is automatically enclosed with your order. This will make for some very happy customers as the gorgeous Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow kit I spoke about earlier is included in these pages! 

Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish
And finally another great saving to flag is the gorgeous NEW shades in the Oriflame Pure colour Nail Polish range.

New to Catalogue 11 we have the Pastel Pink, Lavender Shimmer and Glossy Taupe – Customers can get their high-shine polish for just £4.45/€6.15 or if you can’t decide with all the colours on offer you can get any 2 for just £6.50/€8.95 that’s a fab saving of £4.40/€5.95!

Package 1 on page 3
Awaken your beauty genes with the NEW formula Genistein SOY
Customers can get both the Day and Night Cream for just £22.40 Saving them £13.50 and customers can then save an extra 60% as they qualify for the diver offer, choosing from the Giordani Man Dolce Vita for just £8.95or the gorgeous Eclat Weekend for her for just £7.95 

Package 2 on pages 41/43/35/13/15
Get your autumn look the Gold Venetian Lipstick and Eye shadow for just £15.90 for both with the Giordani Gold Shaping Eyebrow Gel at just £6.95– High Street prices for a kit like this is way over the £30 mark but Customers can get theirs for just £22.90
And why not complete the look with the fab offer on page 35 with the Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit at just £4.75/and team it up with the our Star Product Offer on page 13 where customers can get our Bestselling Mascara at the BOGOF offer just £7.95– or maybe you would be interested in my favorite Foundation and that’s the Studio Artist for just £5.95

Team the entire look up for just £41.55– that’s a saving of £9.15 and a FREE Mascara! Just brilliant and of course customers qualify for the driver offer! 

Package 3 Consultants Choice on pages 17/19/70
Choose a the Optimals Nutri Calm Night cream on page 17 and the Day cream on page 70 and team it up with the Optimals Cleanser and Toner for a complete morning and evening beauty regime at just £24.80– That’s amazing value and of course qualifies Customers for the Driver offer.

 must be my favorite
A favorite is the Swedish Spa range on P87
Get the whole Spa set, Foot mask, Shower Gel and Exfoliating Massage Bar and team it up with the Renewal Hand Cream and Wonder Oil on Page 89 and that makes a gorgeous gift idea for just £18.50– saving £11.55– Seriously 5 products for under £20– that’s amazing value!

 Treat those aching Feet
it’s time to treat those aching tootsies – turn to pages 85 and 135.
The Crackling Leg mousse with the Feet Up Advanced Rescue Treatment Foot Mask, the Foot File too (of course) pick your  2 favorite colours of nail polish for just another £6.50– All 5 products and all you need for your home pedicure for just £18.35– saving £9.90

Team up any Pure Nature Face Mask with the (set of 2) sponges on page 75 for under £5 or the Oxygen Boost Face Mask and get the Mask Brush for under £10

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