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Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum

Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum was launched in  2001 and ever since then has been one of the
favourites in the Oriflame fragrance portfolio. Now we’re bringing this iconic fragrance up to
date with the new brand logo, a bottle with a more contemporary shape and in heavier glass,
a new image and a new interpretation of the perfume.

The image of the modern Giordani Gold woman, “La Bella Donna”, is elegant, sophisticated, classy, confident, sensual and passionate. A woman who seeks quality and
enjoys life.

Emblems of the Mediterranean, white jasmine and orange flower evoke its intense light and soft warmth; they blend with the white madonna lily, diva and goddess of light, which
brings a breath of modernity to the fragrance. With its divine aura, the fragrance leaves a
luxurious trail; a voluptuousness where solar musk, patchouli and crystal moss blend like a sensual caress.

Q. What do we mean by a new interpretation of the perfume?

A.We’ve taken the essence of Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum and added a new floral note to it,
the madonna lily. Native to the Mediterranean region, this beautiful flower gives an enticing
facet of contemporary luxury to the heart of our best-selling fragrance.

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