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Catalogue 10 whats new and on offer

Giordani Gold Eau de parfum

The fragrance is being brought up-to-date with the new brand logo, a gorgeous bottle with a more contemporary design, shaped in heavier glass for added elegance.  The image of the modern Giordani Gold woman ‘La Bella Donna’ is elegant, sophisticated, classy and confident. Someone who women want to be and men want to marry.

The white jasmine and orange flower in the scent blend beautifully with the New note; white Madonna Lily, leaving an elegant trail of solar musk patchouli and crystal moss. In my opinion it’s a mature fragrance that sits beautifully on a powerful woman who knows where she is going and what she wants from life.

The fragrance was tested and well received amongst Consultants and Customers and the new, up-dated scent was perceived as a rejuvenation of the old version with a lighter, more modern, sophisticated twist. The overall comments were that it was comfortable; yet still a very sensual fragrance.


The offer of the FREE Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum Body cream is just too tempting. You can get the Giordani Gold Parfum and Cream for just £12.95– that’s a total savings of £11.95 – Amazing offer for anyone wanting a new fragrance for autumn.

Giordani Gold Accessories

The re-launch of Giordani Gold Eau de Toilette doesn’t end there… If you take a look at pages 4-5 you will see the gorgeous Giordani Gold Quilted Bag and Purse. This is very Chanel chic and a top trend amongst fashionistas. The Gold chain on the handles adds a touch of elegance but it’s not over-done, it’s simple sophistication.

I think the purse would go beautifully with a little black dress, clean colours and shape whilst adding a little bling with the gold detailing in the purse.

The Bag in my opinion is an all-round every day bag – perfect for adding a touch of class to dress up your jeans/cardi days, just gorgeous and very different from all the quilted bags I’ve seen as it’s not an all-over quilt, it’s clean and simple and the kind of bag that friends and family will be asking where they can get it. 

I’m loving the shawl too. We are heading into autumn now so it’s all about the t-shirt, jeans and scarf for me. A look that never dates. The shawl is great to use as a scarf as it’s thicker and really adds style to every day wear. Team the shawl up with the bag and you have your autumn, winter look set, it’s all about accessorizing and Oriflame really have delivered here.

Get the Bag and Shawl for under £30– that’s the price you’d pay for just the purse on the high street! That’s why we love oriflame.

Giordani Gold Exclusive Eye Shadow Duo/ Supreme length mascara

Next and again NEW to the Giordani Gold range this Catalogue we have the stunning colour combo Eye Shadow Duos. Available in 3 shade combinations, these eye shadow pallets are perfect for creating this year’s autumn winter look.

Yep, it’s that time of year again where smoky is back! The smoky eyes are dominating the catwalk this season and whilst black is still an obvious colour choice we are seeing a lot of bright smoky hues dominating the beauty fashion world, especially bold blues, oranges and as I mentioned in an earlier webinar it’s all about going green.

The Giordani gold Exclusive Eye Shadow Duos are perfect for creating this season’s smoky look. They contain intense micronized pigments for long lasting colour and shimmer and they blend beautifully thanks to the creamy texture and smooth application.

Get your Velvet Moss elegant compact with double ended applicator now, it’s limited life and this kind of product isn’t going to be available long! Love it!

Team the Eye Shadow Duo up with the Giordani Gold Supreme Length Mascara. The best –selling mascara is back and even better than before thanks to its innovative new brush with all-round bristles to coat every lash! The results of 1 coat are amazing, it delivers stunning length and definition that lasts and 9 out of 10 women said it visibly defines and separates lashes!
The perfect combination to sexy, sassy eyes this autumn that does all the talking. Get yours on offer only in Catalogue 10.

Giordani Gold Age Defying foundation

Our best-selling Age-Defying Foundation is Catalogue 10’s offer!
Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation provides not only great coverage for a flawless finish but it also contains White Truffle extract that helps to smooth, tone and balance moisture to invigorate skin and improve complexion, it also contains SPF8 to guard against UV rays too.
Spend just £20in the catalogue and customers can get theirs for just £6.00– that’s a saving of £6.45– that’s more than 50% off the RRP!

So what else is new in Catalogue 10?
We’ll we’ve seen a lot of contrasting fashion statements from the London and New York catwalks and it seem that in Autumn/Winter 2012 anything goes, luckily Oriflame nails it once again and delivers with this seasons must have looks.

Nail Whitener

Lets take a look first to p35 and go for the natural look with these neutral tones, a catwalk beauty trend this season.
The Nail Whitener is perfect for bringing a bit of life to your nails, heavy use of nail polish and other staining like nicotine for example can leave nails yellow and unsightly, so when you want to stay natural you need to whiten them so they look clean and young.

The Oriflame Nail Whitener is perfect for this and does the job in just a few applications and an added bonus is it contains nourishing Aloe Vera and D-Panthenol to keep nails supple and flexible.

It’s a water-based gel and application is easy, simply apply and rub into the nails and leave to dry before rinsing it off. You can repeat, as many times as you like to create the desired colour you want. You know this is great for your tootsies too.

Turn heads to Jonas Wramells step-by-step guide on page 34 to see how you can get gorgeous looking nails that will get you noticed. Complete your home pedicure/manicure set for a fraction of the price a salon would charge.

Very Me Graffiti

Also New in Nails and we have seen this all over the runways and across the high streets already and it’s the crackle effect. Nail art has really taken the beauty bloggers by storm and I’m so pleased to see Oriflame unleashing some funky designs for our modern women.

Hot off the press and a contradiction to my earlier neutral shades is heavy metal nails. Dark heavy nails are also going to be a big trend this autumn winter 2012 so I’m loving the gold/black or gold/blue combination here.

So how does it work? Well simply choose a base coat, we have Gold, Fuchsia or Silver available here and then apply the Very Me Nail Graffiti Top Coat, choose from Black, Pink or Blue. It will start to crack instantly, leaving you with graffiti nails that are a work of art!
If customers but ANY Graffiti Base Coat, they will get a top crackling Coat for just £2.45/€3.25 that’s an amazing offer and a great stocking filler idea if, like me, you’re already preparing for Christmas?

Very Me once again has a lot to offer this Catalogue, the products are hot and bang on trend this season. How many younger customers do you have? We have some really exciting things coming up for Oriflame so try and build up your younger customer base. Teenagers have more disposable income these days but still love a bargain and Oriflame really does trump the high street when it comes to value for money.

Very Me Lip Crayons 

Check out the New Very Me Lip Crayons on page 45. These affordable lip pencils that are matched to Lip Mania Lipstick are glossy, creamy and glide onto lips beautifully. They help to define lips and help to keep the lipstick in place, a great complement for perfectly contoured lips and at just £2.95/€3.95 – it’s a real bargain! Why not recommend the Nougat/Flirty Pink combination, added to some Pretty Pink Cherry My Cheeks blush on page 50 for that fresh, just come in from the cold look that’s dominating the catwalks this season? That’s catwalk natural glamour for just £10.35

Very Me Peach Me Perfect Body Glow

Another newbie from Very Me, and this is gorgeous. I’ve had the pleasure of trying this and not only does it smell fresh thanks to the peach extracts but it’s so soft and re-freshing and leaves the body glistering with a beautiful shimmer.
It’s the illuminating body moisture, Very Me Peach Me Perfect Body.
The 150ml tube pleasantly surprised me and this really does give added glow to sparkling skin. This is a great one for anyone with a sun kissed colour and it looks and feels gorgeous on the legs, especially on the legs when you catch the evening light. Get yours on offer in Catalogue 10 only.

Oxygen Boost Eye Stick

We have another gorgeous new product to leave you feeling re-freshed and that’s the eagerly awaited Oxygen Boost Eye Stick. We love this product at Oriflame  and have been waiting for its arrival. It’s just so soothing.

“Waking up after an evening out, I often feel my eyes are swollen, tired and de-hydrated. Working long hours on my computer also causes my eye area to look puffy; I look more tired which isn’t good for the aging process.
I’m always on the go so for me, I need a quick, targeted and easy solution which will relieve this de-hydrated, fragile area and soothe swelling.”

Does this sound like you?

The Oxygen Boost Eye Stick gives an immediate icy effect and wakes the skin up around the eyes. Its hydrating properties instantly relieve the eye area, reducing tired lines and swelling; instead eyes are hydrated, decongested, de-puffed and feel fresh and relaxed. It’s just gorgeous.

It contains caffeine extract, which help decongesting and de-puffing properties, Oxygenating Brown Algae and moisturising complex for optimum hydration, and it has an amazing cooling texture to provide immediate swelling relief. Its convenient packaging helps for easy and on the go application, which for me is great as I suffer terribly with hay fever. My little tip would be to store in the fridge, it’s so a guilty pleasure and immediately leaves you feeling awake. It’s a limited edition product so stock up, it’s only £7.95 and worth every penny.


Another amazing offer is the £6.00 that customers can save on our Bioclinic Adult Skin Anti-Breakout Day/Night care. This innovative skin lotion targets acne prone skin and fades away unwanted blemishes and scaring. It’s part of our first cosmecutical skin care range by Oriflame that takes your ordinary skin care regime to the next level, acting as a deep medical treatment targeting problematic skin. It has been clinically tested on 27 panelists who have significantly seen a reduction in the visibility of adult blemishes after just 1 month.

Problematic skin, especially acne or scaring on the face can really knock someone’s confidence. You may know someone who says they have tried everything and nothing works? Why not make a customers day and ask them to trial it? It’s only £14.95in Catalogue 10.

 Diamond Cellular Night Restorative Treatment

Once again we have some great offers on Skin care throughout the Catalogue. Check out the huge savings to be had on our prestigious Diamond Cellular range for all skin types 40+. Just £17.95– that’s a saving of £13! Everyone loves a sale but that’s just an immense saving on a treatment that scientifically enhances cell renewal and rejuvenates your skin while you sleep. You will see visibly younger skin in just 14 nights. The Cellular Sal Acid helps exfoliation and improves cell turn over, giving your skin elasticity, texture and fresher colour for a more youthful appearance.

You can also save £5 on the Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser which is a luxurious all-in-one cleanser, toner and make-up remover. And customers can save £6/€8.20 on the Multi- Perfection Eye Treatment. That’s a total savings of £24/€33.20 for skin as beautiful as diamonds in Catalogue 10. Sparkling Savings - that’s a girl’s best friend.

Swedish Spa

Another fab offer to get the body sparkling is the sheer indulgence package from Swedish Spa on page 19. Refresh with the Shower Gel, detox with the Bath Crystals and maintain the sensual spa feeling on the go with the Roll on Deodorant. In Catalogue 10 only you can get all 3 for just £9.50 when you order the special offer code. Pure Bliss, and one not to be missed.

Fragrances and Time Reversing Sachets

We have great savings to be had across our best-loved fragrances for her and for him and another great offer for customers to feel special and sample the new Time Reversing Day and Night creams for FREE.

Any order from pages 73-85 will receive a sachet of both the day and night cream absolutely free of charge. Make sure you all make the most of this offer as not everyone ordering will be of the right skin age to use Time Reversing so point this one out to the customer and you may create a new customer in the process.

Cocktails Collection 

Aside from our best loved fragrances and super offers we introduce here into Catalogue 10 the ones that you have all been talking about on our social networks and that’s the Cocktails and the City Collection. You are loving these and I can tell why.

Available in 3 new fragrances inspired by the recipes of cocktails created by a renowned mixologist we have:
§  Flirty Bella – a citrus woody fragrance inspired by Ginger Reve
§  Party Queen Floral Rose fragrance inspired by Biperra (you can try this with the S&S)
§  Fashion Addict Floral fruity fragrance inspired by Papapaa

They’re a unique fresh fragrance with liquor notes for the cocktail effect.
Each fragrance has its matching Body product – Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Hand Cream which make a perfect gift set idea to put aside for Christmas!

You could even team it up with the Eye Shadows and Lip Gloss to complete the collection, turn the page – they look lovely don’t they?

Cocktails and the City Eye Shadows Duo and Lip Gloss. 

There are 3 cool shades to choose from, all of which are perfect for blending colour to create the smoky effect we spoke about. The brown and honey looks a top favorite but why not recommend the pink and purple for that catwalk heaven metal look?

This collection is super hot and the Cocktail clutch.
It’s big enough to hold your money, make-up, phone and other essentials that us women must take with us on a night! Love this bag – get it for just £12.95– that’s un-believable and an affordable gift for my friends this Christmas.

Lip Stain

Another favorite this Catalogue has to be the Very Me Clickit Lip Stain. I can’t recommend this enough since testing it out a few Catalogues back.

I’ve sold one to all my friends and they are rocking the wine lip look too. I went for the Raspberry and it’s gorgeous. It’s wet on application but instantly dries to leave lips looking coloured but the natural way. It’s long-lasting too and doesn’t smudge.
You could even team it up with the Lip-gloss for longer wear but I like the matted look, fresh, and chic. You can get any Clickit on offer in 10 for just £2.95


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