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Oriflame Catalogue 9 2012

Where to start? 136 pages of discounts and some gorgeous new products to get you beamed up for Summer
PAGE: 2/3 Happy Skin Body Lotions
NEW and on the first pages of Catalogue 9 is the Happy Skin Body Lotions. These are the direct replacement to our personal body care lotions last featured in Catalogue 8. The 24-hour moisturisers are available for every skin type; sensitive, normal dry and extra dry. They are developed to leave your skin soft and smooth throughout the day and come in 400ml bottles so are excellent value for money. You  can be safe in the knowledge of finding the perfect lotion for their skin needs with the guide available in the Catalogue. Customers spending at least £20/€27.60 in the Catalogue to can pocket their lotion for an unbeatable 70% OFF – outrageous value for money, where else can you buy innovative lotions for just £1.90/€2.60? – Seriously that’s an amazing offer. 

PAGE: 8-9 Pure Nature Organic Citrus & Eyebright Refreshing Eye Gel.
Another newbie in Skin Care is the gorgeous Pure Nature Organic Citrus & Eyebright Refreshing Eye Gel.
The Pure Nature Citrus & Eyebright skin care is for normal to oily skin, helping to refresh and restore its natural beauty. The Citrus element is filled with vitamin C that is perfect for putting a glow into your complexion, and hugely needed, if like myself, you are missing the summer sun. Whilst Eyebright helps to sooth skin and restores its PH balance, Eyebright oil is rich in vitamin B, C and fatty acids, which helps to replenish and refresh the complexion. Pure bliss and the perfect combination to leave skin feeling re-freshed and toned, the Eye Gel is a hugely welcomed addition to the range and just lovely for hydrating and revitalizing sensitive eye areas.
I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample and it’s so soft and because it’s a gel my skin absorbed it quickly. It felt so refreshing and actually made me feel like it reduced puffiness, which is great for me at the moment since I’m suffering from a bit of hay fever. Try it, I think it’s an easy sell and completes a lovely affordable skin care regime.
 Best of all; it’s FREE when you buy the Face Wash, Gel Mask and Face Cream! 

PAGE: 69 Optimals Matte Touch Face Blotting Tissues
Also another new addition in Catalogue 9 is the brilliant and highly recommended by mio, the Optimals Matte Touch Face Blotting Tissues.
I love this range anyway but I’m so pleased Oriflame have brought us blotting tissues as I personally think they are a must have addition to any handbag.
Throughout the day it’s difficult to keep your complexion matte, due to the external aggressors and pollution in the air. Skin gets shiny quickly, especially around the nose, well for me anyway, so blotting tissues are a great lady-like way to ensure my matte effect for longer.
Simply blot away excess sebum on the skin with the tissues so excess oil is absorbed leaving a shine-free complexion without smudging make –up.
These really are brilliant and deliver an instant fresh matte look, which is a must to all busy working women. You know, these are perfect for any age, any skin type but are obviously a must for anyone who suffers from an un-wanted shine. 
Page 72: Bioclinic Adult Skin Anti-Breakout Day/Night
Next lets take a look at the latest addition to our 1st cosmecutical skin care, the legendary Bioclinic range. Catalogue 9 introduces Bioclinic Adult Skin Anti Breakout Day/Night.  I can’t recommend the Bioclinic range enough to customers, every product in the range delivers outstanding results that customers have been looking for! The new formula targets acne-prone skin, which is actually more common than we would think in adults. It’s often caused by stress and a hormonal fluctuation, which is a common complaint, found in women post menopause. The Adult Skin Anti-Breakout Day/Night contains Centella Asiatica and Salicylic Acid to reduce white/blackheads, target pimples and fading post-blemish scars. When used morning and night after cleaning it will significantly reduce the viability of blemishes after just 1 months use. Outstanding innovative product with a Catalogue 9 intro Try Me price not to be missed!

Page 75 Royal velvet Radiance Powder Scrub
Now lets have a look at one of our most prestigious skin care ranges, Royal Velvet for all skin types aged 40+. Introduced into catalogue 9 we have the Royal Velvet Powder Scrub. This micro-fine exfoliating skin polisher refines the skin to reveal a youthful-looking radiance. It’s enriched with Black Iris infusion that regenerates and improves skin structure: re-sculpting and lifting facial contours (reinforcing skin density and supporting the structural proteins). It stimulates production of skin anchor proteins and intensively hydrates, thus regaining control and revealing firmer skin. Follow the directions of use shown in the Catalogue, a little really does go a long way.
Louise  from our Customer Care team at Oriflame HQ has been a user of the Royal Velvet range for over 15 years so who better to trial it than our lovely Louise.

“I was really excited about this range, because if honest I very rarely exfoliate. It was a deep cleansing ritual that I carried out in the evenings once a week and after a months trial I can really feel the difference on my skin. It’s a refreshing scrub and the immediate effects are gorgeous. It washes off easily and is, by far, the best scrub I’ve used. I have very dry, sensitive skin so I tend not to use scrubs but this one was so fine and light that it didn’t irratate. It was just lovely and I would certainly recommend. My top tip however, would be to add water over the sink, it can be a little messy because it’s such a fine powder.  You really only need a little so this will last forever, its fantastice value for money.
I would award this a 9/10 and that’s only because I am yet to master how to mix neatly with water, you really do only need a drop”.

Page 133: Ecobeauty hand cream and Shower Gel
Also New in Skin Care, or rather Body Care we have eagerly awaited additions to our ecobeauty range. This time we welcome the Hand Cream and Shower Gel and also the gorgeous Oriflame Puressence by Ecobeauty eau de toilette, but more about that after.
The ecobeauty hand cream naturally protects and softens hands by offering immediate nourishment to the skin. It contains Fair-trade Shea Butter and Fair-trade Coconut Oil to protect against environmental aggressors and it leaves hands wonderfully hydrated and feeling noticeably softer, even after washing hands. Just lovely! And who wants a Shower Gel that works triple duty to clean, moisturize and protect skin?? Well seriously look no further because Ecobeauty Shower Gel is the cleanser we’ve all been waiting for! The soap free shower gel cleanses skin without stripping it of the natural oils you need to stay soft and smooth. 89% of 95 women who tested it agreed on its effectiveness, this really is a feel-good beauty buy! It contains powerful natural ingredients, Organic Glycerin, Fair-trade Organic Coconut Oil and Fair-trade Sugar – the nourishing lather you get from naturally derived foam-boosting surfactants that will help you start the day right

Page: 135: Oriflame Puressence by Ecobeauty eau de toilette
So turning the page we have the gorgeous Puressence by ecobeauty eau de toilette, the ideal scent for the savvy woman who wants an environmentally friendly fragrance. This 100% natural formulation utlises steam distillation, which is a natural process to capture the scents bouquet in its prime. It is a very light, floral fresh scent and would sit beautifully on any natural women regardless of age. The harmony doesn’t end there; the packaging is made from 100% recycled glass and its wooden cap is made from responsibly sourced wood, uniting our vision of a premium fragrance streamlined with nature. Beautifully you, beautifully Orifame

Ecobeauty guarantees you the high performance, high quality cosmetics you deserve, whilst also giving you the best that nature has to offer. Love your planet, love your Oriflame Ecobeauty.

Page 5: Signature Heritage
We also have a new fragrance for him, but then I guess you ladies wouldn’t have missed this one, the model is gorgeous and if he doesn’t sell the fragrance then I honestly don’t know what will. .

The fragrance is for the self-confident, smart and knowledgeable young man who enjoys luxurious travel. The imagery itself is inspired by luxury travel brands like Louis Vuitton and the fragrance evokes a journey from Budapest to Venice – just gorgeous and journey we all want to be on! Customers can get this at the introductory Try Me price at £17.95/€24.75 – a fraction of the cost customers would pay in the shop for just an equally prestigious scent! Love this one!

Page 6-7: Nature Secrets Body Mists
Well we have a gorgeous new addition to our Nature Secrets range.
Turn to page 6/7 and you will see the new refreshing Body Mists. Available in Energising Mint and Raspberry to boost your energy levels and Relaxing Lavender and Fig to help you wind down.
These scented body mists contain Glycerine to bring moisturise to your skin and leave you refreshed and smelling gorgeous. They are must to pack for your holiday or when your out in the warm weather as they add essential moisture to skin that may have been dried out in the heat.
The Mint and Raspberry is great for the day as the mint leaves instantly refresh, stimulate and cool as well as containing moisturisuing properties. And Raspberry’s, as we know, are rich in protective antioxidants such as vitamin C to energise the skin.

The Lavender and fig is ideal for travelling because the Lavender Oil is a therapeutic essential oil that is most commonly known for its relaxing properties. And fig extract is well known for its sweetness and medicinal purposes as well as moisturising and nourishing benefits

So shall we take a look at what’s new in Make-Up next?

Page 96-97: Very Me Mood lip Gloss
Well flicking the pages forward you will see New Lip Gloss’s introduced into our gorgeous Very me Range.  I love all the latest innovations Oriflame have brought to our younger customers. 

Here we have the Very Me Mood Lip Gloss’s available in 6 shades and fragrances with natural mood-enhancing extracts. I can see these being very popular to our teenage audience, especially around the school break time hours. I remember when I was younger, it was all about wearing a mood ring, wow that’s going back a few decades now, but if only we had a mood lip gloss to shout about too?! Amazing! The shimmering glosses give a medium coverage and come in Confident Boost pineapple, Energy Shock Orange, Happy Glow pomegranate, Daring Spirit Wild Rose, Relaxing Lavender and Feel the love Strawberry, which actually you can try the fragrance with the scratch and sniff. It’s just lovely; I can’t wait to get my hands on the soothing lavender. 

Page 101: Very Me Fat Lash Mascara
Also in Very Me, and back by popular demand are the Very Me Fat Lash Funky Mascaras. I love these mascaras; they are great for adding a splash of colour to the eyes and give your eyelashes real substance.  Great for lengthening and volume and it doesn’t clog thanks to the thick plastic brush.
They contain high-pigmented formula in a colour choice of silver, blue and green. I tried and tested the blue and received great feedback from a recent night out. Friends thought I was actually wearing false lashes and was surprised when I said they we’re real. The colour compliments any look and as this season is still about big, bold colours the Fat Lash Funky mascaras.
 For just £2.95 it would be rude not to try this one for yourselves!

Catalogue 8/9 Loyalty Offer
Another fabulous offer in the Catalogue, and continued from Catalogue 8 is the fabulous Loyalty Offer – open to all  customers who placed and order of £10 in Catalogue 8 and again buy ANY product from brochure 9 they will qualify for the gorgeous Discover Mexico set, consisting of the exotic Soap, Shower Gel and Body Scrub for just £4.65– That’s an amazing offer, where else can you buy a complete set of gorgeous luxury shower treatments for that price! 

Page 30: Hair X Colour Protect Range
I need to point out is the Hair X Colour Protect Hair Mask and Leave in Cream. I recently went from a brunette to a Live Colour XXL Red. Granted, I didn’t go as red as expected but it was still bright. If anyone has gone red before you will know that it doesn’t tend to stay in the hair long, I think it’s fair to say by 2 weeks the colour has been washed from the hair completely. However being a fan of the Oriflame Hair X Frizz cream I thought I would give the Color Protect range a go and I have been happy with the results. My colour has been on for 4/5 weeks now and is still showing glossy colour intestacy, I haven’t re-coloured at all and can notice a real difference to my locks. The mask is great for pro-longing color brightness and the leave-in cream makes the colour last twice as long, which has been proven in my case. I found the cream and masks to be really nourishing too; my hair feels like it has received deep conditioners, which after colouring is an absolute must. 

I highly recommend the Hair X Colour Protect range and customers can get the handy New Hair Turban at half price when you purchase any Hair X product from pages 30-33 –a brilliant bargain!

Page 98/99: Ultra glam Eau de Toilette
  Next must have purchase this Catalogue has to be Ultra Glam Eau de Toilette. Seriously this fragrance is gorgeous and at 50% off you should all be adding this to your fragrance kits and pointing it out to customers. It’s a real light, sweet scent that is perfect for evenings out. It’s quite a seductive fragrance that is a popular choice amongst the girls at Oriflame Towers. The packaging is funky and would sit comfortably next any other designer fragrances on your dresser and I personally think it has a real likeness to
Black Xs Perfume by Paco Rabanne which retails over £30 in the shops – honestly get this one in Catalogue 9 for just £6.95/€9.45 – you be pleased you did! 

Page 22/23: Nail Care by Oriflame UK Ltd
Well I think the Nail collection has to be a must on pages 22 and 23. Everything on this spread makes for a great affordable gift idea. Team up the Nail Grooming Kit, Nail White Tips, Nail Tip Guides and a glossy French nail colour for the overall manicure. Honestly you can get the whole pages for just £13.60/€18.60 - That’s outstanding value for money and dare I say it, a must have purchase to put away for Christmas. Who wouldn’t be happy to receive this as a gift idea? How many need to buy for someone but don’t have a lot of money but want something that looks like they haven’t skimmed on savings? This is perfect and professional and adds instant style to any women’s look. Love it! 

Well that’s enough for us, don’t forget  that Catalogue 10 brochure  are  3 weekly Catalogues – oooh you are going to love our Christmas Catalogues coming up!

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