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TOP PICKS for Passionate Women

Like the most of the men, and we, women, are running a meaningful and very vivid lifestyle. We are expressing ourselves in the most various life spheres. I hope that you aren’t gonna mind me, my dear men, when I express my personal impression, that the vast majority of woman can express themselves in the more life spheres, than an average man could even imagine (Ouch! That hurt, right? That’s my personal opinion, I doesn’t mean that I’m actually right (although, in this particular case, I am :-)). However, the average woman could show her interest in art, music, a variety of crafts, dancing, cooking, overall health and body condition (the rare ones, such as me, could, even, express their enthusiasm trough sports :-)) etc.…
Although, the most people (the vast majority of them are, of course, males) consider us, the females, as a gentle gender. I am not saying that isn’t the truth, but, what really gets on my nerves, is the fact that, the really vast majority of men shares the general opinion that is being a gentler gender, as a default means, that we are the undervalued and less important (let me to use the expression) “half” of this world. Guess what, my dear men, it’s not, even, close to the real truth, and you know it! You just feel frightened of our real power (because, everything you can do, we can also do, even, better!). You have, a certain advance, only in your physical structure and nothing more! I, absolutely, agree with your estimation, that we are more beautiful gentler, more seductive and highly passionate…
According to this, we have to possess all of these appropriate fragrances, which are gonna express us, in total. If you consider yourself of being a very bold and utterly beautiful woman, who loves to be in charge :-) and to be noticed, too :-), then make these essential additions to your beauty repertoire. Oriflame has created, especially for us, the ladies of a true elegance and style, the highly unique range of their most popular fragrances, which should, every single one of us, to possess, in order to glow in every single situation. They are divided into five groups, regarding of the particular situation, in which we could find ourselves in.

1. VIP Night
Whether you’re celebrating your latest success, or just letting your hair down with a wild night out on the town, this effervescent and luxurious scent is guaranteed to turn heads :-);
2. Power Woman
Sparkling, enticingly feminine with a flirtatious touch, “Power Woman” fragrance speaks to the successful woman, who desires a day fragrance, which reflects her strong self-confidence, tenderness and warmth;
3. Amber Elixir Night
For the mysterious, modern and vibrant women, “Amber Elixir Night” is the epitome of seduction and the ultimate scent for intensifying your sensuality and feminine beauty;
4. Lovely Garden
If you’re a lover of the outdoors and everything natural and beautiful, then you’ll find bliss in this exquisite floral tones of a “Lovely Garden”. This lovably and fresh fragrance presents a delightfully delicate daytime favorite;
5. Muse
Dreamy and delicious “Muse” is a floral masterpiece and an intoxicating treat for women, who embrace the wonder and excitement of a true romance.
Each of these outstanding fragrances are, these late summer days, on a very special discount, so now is the perfect opportunity to grab them all (in case that you haven’t had the opportunity before). Look them up in Oriflame the latest brochure.
 Like always, we are approving an additional discount to all of this divine fragrances to all our Oriflame ladies. In case, that you haven’t joined our company’s group, maybe now is the proper time to sign your application form. And, to start shopping for all of our beauty products of a really vast range, to have utterly fun, to be invited to our company’s seminars, which are held throughout your country and to learn there something brand new related to a beauty or a fashion, and, at the same time, to earn more than enough. If my story found you interested, feel free to contact us through your Oriflame lady.

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