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The Drama is in the Details!

Do you belong to the group of these women, who share the opinion that absolutely everything is in the tiny details, which are, also, highly unique and utterly appealing to the eyes? If you are considering that you truly are one of these women, then you are one of us, the women of high style and utterly refine taste. :-)
You should be very proud of yourself! For the vast majority of people, though, regardless of the gender, would be worn, almost, everything and combined, those repulsive clothes with the most awful picked accessorize. And, they (without any doubts or fear, whatsoever) would merged incompatible, be it two colors, which by nature, uncombinable or two (three, or even, four) different styles or trends, they, simply, haven't got any taste (neither do eyes :-P) and we all should feel pity for themselves, rather than despise them. I don't know how about you, but I tend to, in these situations, (when I bump into those kind of people, on the streets), burst in a laugh! I’m not saying that you should do the same, I am, pretty aware, that is very rude behavior, but, put simply, in these kind of situations, I just couldn’t restrain myself (lousy excuse, but the bare truth :-)).
The worst part of all is that, in the eyes of those people, they will look simply stunning and ultra-stylish! Maybe, that fact provokes in me that mocking laughter. Highly creepy, I would say :-)! Thank you God, for blessing me with a so good taste! :-) However, let’s stick to minority of us, who have the excellent taste and sharp eye for the highly trendy details. Especially for us, Oriflame has launched a brand new collection of the utterly trendy handbags and wallets, but in a very limited edition. The leading idea, by which were lead the leading designers of  Oriflame’s, was to create an exquisite and extraordinary accessory, which are gonna serve to us, as the perfect final touch to our everyday, highly trendy, style.
 How many, they were, actually, successful at that intention, you can judge yourself, just by glancing into their latest catalog. From the very vast sea of such products, I would, personally, set aside two, my favorite ones. They are: “Samira Purse”, which is made of a faux leather with a zip closure and detachable wrist strap. This ultra-trendy wallet also contains a zipped coin compartment and slots, which is very suitable for keeping all sorts of your personal notes and bank cards. The other one is, actually, the purse, from the same collection, which is called: “Samira Bag”, also made of the faux leather. This shoulder bag is made with quite interesting, textured design. Also contains a zip closure and an inner zip and slip pockets on both sides.
These two outstanding accessories fit just perfectly with your very vast dressing combinations, almost every makeup and hairstyles. And, of course, with inevitable French manicure, that every woman of style needs to have on her nails :-P!

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