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Cleanse, Groom and Refresh!

It’s a widely known fact that to force the man to shave is, almost, equal persuading him to swim with sharks :-). I really don’t have a clue, why, on Earth, they make such a fuss about it. It boils down to only a few strokes of your sharp razor blades! It isn't the truth, that we are forcing you to do something impossible! I am truly and deeply interested, what would be the case, as we, and you have to shave your armpits and legs!!! And, you have to agree here with me, that this presents a quite a big job. When, for that tiny little surface, called face, you are whining so much! I think, that it's high time for someone (like me :-P) tells you the bare truth! It has absolutely nothing attractive (or adorable) in your 3-days-grown beard. We, girls, can’t find absolutely anything, which we will call attractive, in constantly pricking of your beard (of course, if you want to be kissed- I am assured that you DO want :-)). A beard of some (any) length or mustache, on that doesn't, even, worth discussed about. Not only, long beard or mustache, are old-fashioned, but, (for me, personally) quite repulsive to, even, see, let alone to kiss. Phew! In the 21st century, being the modern man is equal to being a clean-shaven man, period!
          So, shaving your face, my dear men, is considered as fundamental part of being a REAL man! Let me be fair to you, I am pretty aware of the fact that shaving is, a bit more than simply putting a razor to your face. It includes all the other different kinds of factors, which you must take into your consideration, when it comes to shaving your own face! Because, shaving also plays an important role, when it comes to maintaining a proper balance of the healthy and attractive looking skin.
          The really vast majority of you, my dear men, is still making some rooky mistakes, such as shaving without foam/gel (I wish to had a unique opportunity to, just, have a peek into your brain, in that specific moment, in order to find out, what, on Earth, you're been thinking about, if you're thinking at all !!!! My Gosh!!!), poor preparation or, maybe, using a dull blade. That presents the main cause of your unhealthy appearance of the skin, primary, shaving without even a thin layer of the cheapest shaving foam/gel (although, I don’t think that the price plays, here, any role at all, I think that you are, simply, too lazy and that you wanna save your precious time, of your “highly-boring process of terribly-annoying-everyday, shaving routine”. But, by doing that, you’re only getting highly irritated skin and that your “beloved” razor cause a severe bump all over your “beautiful” face! :-)
          In order to avoid these rooky perils, you suppose to, in a way, invest, at first, in some higher-quality blades, contemporary shaving care and, understandable, affordable quality of your shaving gel or foam.
          Recently, I came across on some pretty interesting offer, which I have found in the latest Oriflame catalog, regarding the “shaving equipment” :-). They are offering the following products: “North For Men Normal Skin Shaving Foam”, which presents a very rich, creamy foam with Arctic Pro-Defense and it is suitable for normal skin complexion. Another product is from the range of a contemporary shaving care products, and it’s called: “North For Men After Shaving Moisture Balm”, which provides for your skin a triple-action, after shave. It's soothes, protects and provides 24-hour moisture for your normal facial skin complexion. And, the most interesting fact, follows- by ordering these two outstanding shaving care products, you can buy and: “North For Men – Refreshing Shower Gel Ultra”- with its utterly fresh and energizing scent with menthol and, also includes a mighty Arctic Pro Defense formula, for astonishing low price! So, don’t hesitate, order them right now!

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