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When you decide that the right time, for shopping a new purse, has come, there is one more thing, which you should take into consideration and that’s your body type. Surely, you should base your choice of bag on the latest fashion trends, on trendy color or shapes, on your budget, on its alternative materials and, of course, on the occasion. It can be (and usually is) very stressful. But, you have to keep in mind, not every woman is the same, nor we are having the same taste (all of us are, luckily, very different!).
    Therefore, it is completely unrealistic to expect that one and the same purse, will on every woman, on this (crazy :-)) planet, equally well be suited. When it comes to handbags, of course, generally speaking, the opposite shape of your body type is the most suitable. So, when you are into shopping, and when you think that you have finally found the one (bag), my the strongest advice is to head straight to the dressing room, carrying along the bag as you normally would, and check it out from all angles in the mirror. Only in this case, you won’t opt to buy a wrong one. If the mirror shows you that the bag perfectly fits you, then you should buy it.
    In the following text, I will stress out with some facts, which are related to choosing an adequate range of bags, according to your body type.
     If you’re thin and tall
Your choice should be to opt to buy, a bit, shorter bags, like hobo ones. Or you should opt for the bags, which are a bit wider (rather than taller). Maybe the clutch would be the right choice for you. It is worth thinking about it! However, you should avoid shoulder bags (which have a very short strap) as they will make you look even taller (like a giant :-) and that would be hilarious to watch, don’t you think the same?);
     In case, you’re plus size
The best possible choice for your body type it would be to opt for a large structured (or boxy) bag, because it will balance best out your curves (don’t wear small bags, in any case, only if you desire to seem even larger than you really are :-)). In case, you are a true fan of the strips (and prints in general); you should avoid tiny patterns for the same reason as a tiny bag;
     If you’re petite
Don’t despair; Hollywood is full of those who are the same body type as you are :-) (think, for instance, of Kylie Minogue, they don’t call her for nothing "Pocket Venus”: -P :-)). Although, despite you may see on the red carpets, oversized bags aren’t intended for small women (mainly, because, they tend to overwhelm your skeleton). You should also avoid the trendy shoulder bags, especially those with a long strap, as they will weigh you down (especially, if they are full of the most various (beauty) items, and that is exactly the case in every woman purse :-)) and they will make you look even shorter.
     Regarding everybody else
They are free to opt for the bag of their dreams :-). Maybe to opt to buy one (or even more) purse, this will be perfect for everyday. Or to buy a few different ones, and to really enjoy on switching and experiment with them. Try out some new style, which isn’t characteristically for you, be brave enough to experiment with fun, funky styles and metallic of your other bags.


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