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You’ve may noticed that during the latest couple of years, the vast number of beauty products as a vital ingredient have retinol. At the very fist time, retinol was represented mainly in serums and night creams, but these days, we can find it in just about everything, starting from various cleansers to sun creams, which offer the various factors of protection. What's all this about? What the hell is going on? Is retinol, so effective when is present as such an essential part of, almost, every cosmetic product? And from where did start all that, newly, fuss about something that has long been known? They were, approximately, the questions I asked myself about, while I’ve been exploring this topic. And, I’ve found a few answers, which I want to share them with you...
    The first thing that I ran into, during my researches, was the fact that retinol should never be used during the day, although many companies try to ignore it! But, what’s retinol? Retinol is a bit weaker version of tretinoin (a powerful and highly potent derivative of Vitamin A, especially when it comes in reversing sun damage and premature signs of aging- it cuts to very low minimum the deep wrinkles, corrects fine lines, tightens pores, improves the whole skin complexion, stimulates blood flowing through skin cells and increases collagen production). But, if it’s true, why we use retinol? Because, tretinoin is so powerful and potent (causes irritations and severe drying), that only a few people can tolerate it. And, retinol is much milder (although isn’t effective as tretinoin), the most people can tolerate it very well. Retinol pretty much does the same job as tretinoin, encourages skin cell turnover (and this new skin is so delicate and gentle, that shouldn’t be directly exposed to strong sunlight (that’s the main reason why retinol should be present as an ingredient, only in the products, which are intended for night use). For that reason also, should retinol-containing products have to come, always, in tubes (or pumps) with tight-fitting caps, which will prevent the leaking of the product. Once opened, these beauty products should be used in a very short period of time (about a couple of months no further than that time). Its wide range covers also a skin problematic complexion, since retinol can be of a really great help with acne problems. Although, these products are very famous worldwide by smoothing and refining properties, jet it is of a truly great importance to learn to use retinol correctly.

    Also and Oriflame keeps up with the very large and fierce competition, on the global market, when it comes to producing the beauty products which essential ingredient is retinol. We are very proud to announce to you (and to the rest of the world :-)) that, after many years of a constant research and testing in our laboratories, and with constantly consulting with our skilled dermatologist, as well as, our scientists, we have, finally, succeeded in producing products, which is intended for the face care and are suitable for all skin types and for all age groups! We called the whole this brand new line- Bio Clinic. They are all enriched with a very high level of pure retinol in its formulas. In our latest brochure you can purchase it at a lower price, and thus save a significant amount of money. Feel free to test this on your skin. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it :-)

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