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It’s a well known fact that makeup foundation, makeup concealer and blush are the set of three marvelous beauty products, which every single lady should have in her cosmetic bag. They present absolutely necessity in these modern times. They are of a really great help to even out our skin tone, make it smooth and prepare it for further makeup application. You should opt for the products, which aren’t so lousy, but quite the contrary, you should focus on those the top quality ones, but jet to be affordable.
And here comes Oriflame on the scene with our famous line “The ONE Iiluskin“of a very wide range of beauty products, which are made of the top quality 100% natural ingredients by very affordable prices. We are very proud to present to you the magical set of these three remarkable products (makeup foundation, makeup concealer and a blush) by special late summer prices (which allow you to save up to 40%, by ordering right now). In case, there are some people, who aren’t familiar with some basic differences between the makeup foundation and the concealer, to clarify bit things, to them. For the ones, who very well know what this all about, I hope, they won’t mind to determine their knowledge. So, shall we? :-).
Regarding the makeup foundation and the concealer, they are very different product therefore; they shouldn’t be mistaken as the same. When it comes to the Concealer:
    Is used to hide (conceal) some small problems on the skin, such as acne scars, various marks, pimples and small blemishes and dark spots. It presents only temporary solution! It really does wonders, when it comes to hiding the ugly dark circles under our eyes, simply by blending perfectly with the skin and making it appear smooth and even;
     It isn’t made to be applied all over your face;
    A Concealer is a bit thicker than foundation (that makes it an ideal solution for spot treatment);
    It mainly comes as a liquid, stick or, on the rare cases, a powder;
    It is widely used as a perfect base for eye shadows;
    It isn’t that rare case that the concealers are available in all the possible color combinations. You should just seek for the perfect one, which will suit your skin tone the best;
    Compared to foundations the concealers contain a much higher level of a pigment (that’s why is so effective when it comes to covering);
    It can be used even without foundation (but, for the best results, you should combine them both);
    The concealer should be, at least, one (ideal would be two) shade lighter than the liquid foundation, which are gonna be used.
However, when we are talking about The Makeup Foundation:
    It acts as a basic layer for a gorgeous face. It helps to achieve an overall balanced skin tone, while, at the same time, covering some small pimples and by adding some additional dose of glow;
    It is intended to cover larger surfaces (can be applied on all over the face and even the neck), in order to unify the color and texture of the skin;
     It has also been used as a base for the further makeup application;
    It may come as a liquid, powder, waterproof spray or even the cream;
    You can even mix up some of the foundations, in order to achieve the best possible coverage;
    The same as a concealer and a foundation can be used as a single product (but, again, in order to get the best possible results, you should combine them both);
    You should opt for a foundation, which shade will be closer to your natural skin tone.
I hope that you have, finally, understood some basic differences between them :-). And, now I have left to say a few words about The Blush…
    It mainly functions is to, in a way, simulate a natural glow;
    It may appear as a gel (or mousse), a cream or a powder (it may occur in a very wide variety of shades);
    It may apply to the bare skin or over foundation (in that case, you are free to choose to use any texture).

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