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This summer, you 'go all in' on glowing and summer create the season's most beautiful look; namely the natural look with a twist of gold and glitter. Be inspired by the designers' catwalk looks, and let your skin glow with warm gold and copper shades. Here are the tricks that will give you a healthy, beautiful complexion and make your face glow.

1 Summer is the perfect time to give your face a break from the winter a little heavy makeup. Focus on healthy and effective skin care that moisturizes the skin and keeps it fresh. Thorough washing and clean, a moisturizing day and night cream and use SPF is all-important.


2 We love the fresh look that the American designer Vera Wang showed up at spring fashion week. Here was a glowing, shining complexion dominant. The models looked like it had blown all day on the beach - a look that beautifully matched Wang's beautiful dresses. Use a BB cream to achieve a light sun kissed protein. BB cream is the perfect all-in-one products - especially in the summer. The cream evens out your skin tone and moisturize the skin at the same time.

3 If the right glowing summer look to be achieved is another must-have product: bronzer. Put a little bronzer on the cheeks with a large, soft brush. The result is ultra sophisticated and natural.

4 IntensivĂ©r your eyes with a waterproof mascara. One that lasts all day - even while frolicking at the beach. Add the look an extra touch of glamor with a glistening lip gloos. It will beautifully capture the sun's rays.   

1 Get the body to radiation with a wonderful body scrub. Apply a moisturizing exfoliation while in the bath - easier it is actually not! Pay special attention to elbows and feet, which often need a little extra love.

2 Moisture is the main road to glowing sommerhud. Use a moisturizer with SPF. You may prefer an all-in-one product that moisturizes and protects the skin from the sun's harmful rays. In addition, all-in-one products easy to carry in your bag as they do not take up so much!

3 Moisture is as I said, the key to radiant, beautiful sommerhud, so after a day in the sun, you should always use a cooling and nourishing after sun which softens the skin and maintain your new sun kissed skin tone.


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