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Oriflame NEW! Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting and Lifting Serum

DUAL ENERGY against sagging and wrinkles

This fresh Ecollagen Serum is definitely an extremly powerful very serum that provides exceptional
anti-wrinkle and raising results. It's dual focus of the development Place Base
Cell Powerlift and extract engineering.

The Place Stem-Cell Extract is in dual focus for a powerful anti-wrinkle activity that
is demonstrated to help recreate skin collagen and combat lines.

The powerlift technilogy is dependant on elastin production that is stimulated by a powerfull peptide and
Aids in preventing skin loose.


Increases skin collagen production by over 200percent (Plant Stem Cell Extract, tested in vitro)
Increases production of elastin - skin elastic protein by over 300percent (tested in vitro)

Use twice-daily, under your entire day and night treatment.

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