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Espionage is the ultimate fragrance from Oriflame which keeps the guy of today on the hit list of girls at all times. The popular scent and the mesmerizing smell of the soothing aroma from the spray lasts longer than expected. The products under this category are as follows:
For the man of mystery there is only one scent – Espionage Eau de Toilette. From its evocative, aromatic clary sage tones and marine breeze accord heart, Espionage sets the scene for covert operations. Later it slides into an urbane amber finish for the perfect mission accomplished.
The smell and aroma of the perfume is perfect to revitalize your senses in every way possible to make you feel great about yourself and the fact that its impression lasts longer than any other fragrance from Oriflame makes sure that its worth every penny spent on it and provides the desired results. Men all know what they like to smell like and this can vary from man to man. However; there are colognes that have been developed over the years that have proven to be very popular with men in general. For instance, Espionage from Oriflame is one of the most common examples of modern sophisticated fragrance to be weared by the men of today. First created in the 19th century, Espionage was intended to help sweeten the stink of living in an overpopulated city. Some would say that’s still relevant today, making this a classic that hasn’t dated. The heart of the fragrance is made from refreshing and invigorating limes and given longevity and strength with a little musk. Hence Espionage, a fragrance from Oriflame, can’t promise to turn you into a god of love but there’s no harm trying. This flamboyant scent is a mix of mint, apple, lemon and cedar wood.

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