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Professional eyeliner offering precise application, intense colour and long wear.

Eyeliner in this format is loved by many professional make-up artists for being as precise as a liquid eyeliner, with the ease and lasting effect of a gel.
Check out the benefits:
• Silky finish
• Long-lasting *
• Smudge-proof*
• Intense colour and even coverage
• Precise like a liquid eyeliner*
• Quick-drying
• New glass pot – helps formula to last for longer without drying out
• Up to 24 hours’ wear*
Developed and endorsed by Oriflame’s official make-up artist Jonas Wramell, Studio Artist Gel Eyeliner comes with a slanted brush applicator. Follow Jonas’ instructions in the catalogue for how to apply the eyeliner to achieve a truly professional result.
* Consumer tested on 64 women

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