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Amber Elixir Night Eau de Parfum Oriflame


A sensuous and seductive new fragrance inspired by the beautiful and rare amber stone has been unveiled by Oriflame Cosmetics.
Amber Elixir Night Eau de Parfum casts its dark, sensual glow with lush oriental notes of exotic incense, refined orris and creamy bourbon vanilla for an unforgettable scent that speaks the language of seduction.
The sensual, mysterious and feminine fragrance has been created by two perfumers; Nathalie Lorson and Marie Salamagne who were inspired by the mystique of amber gemstones, which were prized in ancient times and essential in creating love charms and potions.

This mystery and warmth gives Amber Elixir Night Eau de Parfum its alluring bouquet while notes of exotic incense, bourbon vanilla and sweet orris root – superstitiously believed to help find and hold love – heighten the perfume’s intensity.
Amber Elixir Nights’s classic and sophisticated black and gold bottle evokes the perfume’s sensuality and sets the tone for nocturnal seduction.
Opulent yet modern, this sexy fragrance leaves an unforgettable trace on the skin for hours that makes you feel unique and seductive
Amber Elixir Night will be available to purchase in the UK from 16 February onwards at or why not join Oriflame’s nationwide network of Consultants. To find out more about becoming a Consultant visit
Amber Elixir Night is priced at £20.95 for 75ml but the Eau de Parfum is on offer until 15 March at a special launch price of £14.95.

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