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Introducing Mirage Daydream, the mesmerising new fragrance by Oriflame

Oriflame cosmetics is launching a delicate and cocooning new fragrance inspired by a fantasy wonderland.

Mirage Daydream Eau de Toilette envelops you in a mesmerising bouquet of sweet chestnut, vanilla and cedarwood, enticing you away to a hidden world of enchantment, wishes and desire.

The perfumer created the fragrance as a talisman to bring luck and feelings of happiness, nostalgia and gentleness; a magical key that opens doors to a beautiful fantasy world where dreams and imagination mingle with sweet memories. A wonderland where everything is soft, subtle, feminine and ethereal.

A fragrance from the oriental vanillic woody family, Mirage Daydream Eau de Toilette is an unexpected encounter of original ingredients.
Top notes of chestnut, enhanced with a delicate whipped cream accord, contribute to the tender, delicate and cocooning characteristic of this fragrance while a bouquet of floral tenderness – jasmine and lily – blended with vanilla sit at its heart.

The ingredients of the drydown – cedarwood, peru balsam and cocoa essence – generate an intense feminine sensuality.

Mirage Daydream Eau de Toilette is priced at £20.95 for 50ml and will be available to purchase in the UK from 16 March onwards at  or why not become part of  Oriflame’s nationwide network of Consultants. To find out more visit

The fragrance is a limited edition item available to purchase until the end of September 2013.

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