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Giordani White Gold Eau de Parfum

Beautiful Italy is the dream destination for countless women around the globe. It has that little touch of style and elegance that speaks to a woman’s more passionate side. From its sun-drenched beaches in the south to the culture and elegant piazzas of Rome and the fashion capital of Milano, Italy fascinates, inspires and romances us. Elegant and full of vitality,

Giordani White Gold Eau de Parfum captures the mood of an Italian morning with sparkling notes of vibrant tangerine, hyacinth, raspberry and freesia. Its rose heart embraces notes of juicy nectarine,
jasmine sambac and honeysuckle. It then evolves into a sensual drydown of patchouli, moss and vanilla-musk. Pure luxury, Italian style!
The same favourite fragrance is presented in a new, more contemporary-shaped and heavier bottle with shiny silver cap embossed with the new Giordani Gold logo.

Body Cream & Deodorant when you buy the Eau de Parfum for only £12.95
This item is available from 1st Dec 2012 at

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