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Espionage By Oriflame


 The stakes are high but you’ve got it under control. Save the day, win the girl… mission accomplished Just like James Bond 007 Skyfall Daniel Craig Live like Bond  You only live once


For the man of mystery there is only one fragrance - Espionage Eau de Toilette
A woody-watery fragrance that will appeal to the self-assured and smart cosmopolitan man who is up for any risk.
He knows how to tackle challenges and approaches the sweet seductions of life with wittiness and charm.
This trend in men’s fragrance imagery is typified by brands such as Dior Homme (with Jude Law), Dunhill London and Sean Jean I AM KING.

The fragrance has top notes of fresh bergamot and liquorous kirsch and red wine, a heart of aromatic
amber and clary sage contrasting with a fresh marine accent of ozonic accord and a final woody intensity with vetiver and cedarwood.
 The Eau de Toilette is packaged in a refined and stylish flacon inspired by premium spirits brands and carton, both bearing the Espionage brand name – beautifully presented to make the ideal gift.
this fragrance is available to purchase form the 1st Dec 2012  at


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