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 Formulated to reactivate the youth potential of skin over 45
For over 40 years, Oriflame Cosmetics have created high quality, high performance skincare products to meet the needs of our customers. In 2004, Oriflame launched its first Time Reversing range. At the heart of Time Reversing ingredient technology has always been multi-beneficial Soy, a powerful natural active with proven moisture-retention and anti-wrinkle properties.
With the passage of time and advancement in scientific capabilities, we have come to learn more about this truly exceptional skin care ingredient. Soy is rich in a group of substances known as isoflavones. Isoflavones are a group of naturally occurring compounds that have potent anti-oxidant effects. Certain isoflavones also have a positive effect on skin collagen content and skin ageing.
Introducing GenisteinSOY…
GenisteinSOY, found across the Time Reversing SkinGenist™ range, is a specially designed, highly potent preparation of genistein, the most abundant soy isoflavone. The creation of GenisteinSOY involves a series of 10 purification steps to ensure maximum potency. At the end of the purification process, the pure active material is encapsulated. This final step of the process results in enhanced skin delivery of Genistein.
What does GenisteinSOY do?
Genistein is a truly unique, multi-beneficial skincare ingredient. First of all, it is a powerful collagen booster - it strongly stimulates the production of collagen but also prevents the degradation of collagen by the skin’s ageing mechanisms. In addition, it has powerful free-radical scavenging abilities and also acts as a photo-protector in the skin to help prevent photo damage.
However, most impressive of all is that Genistein acts at a genetic level, to stimulate 3 beauty genes™ within the skin. There are 3 beauty genes™ that empower the skin, allowing it to radiate a beautiful and youthful appearance.
They are;
• Aquaporin Gene – Counteracts skin dryness
• CD44 Gene – Maintains skin cell turnover
• Cadherin Gene – Maintains skin structural integrity

The remarkable action of Genistein has been supported by a breakthrough in scientific research, a discovery which has excited our group of scientists in Oriflame and one which has inspired us to incorporate the innovative and groundbreaking GenisteinSOY into the new Time Reversing SkinGenist™ range.

What benefits can I expect to see?
GenisteinSOY works at the source of your skin… Imagine: Hydrated skin, youthful skin, plump skin! In as little as 2 weeks you can expect to see improvements in skin radiance, firmness, resilience and tone.
You will be left with healthy-looking, hydrated skin that is noticeably smoother and softer. Your skin will feel more comfortable and you will radiate a beautiful, healthy glow. All in all this makes for a visibly younger- looking appearance, and based on a graded reduction in wrinkle appearance by our consumer panel, we have calculated that you can look up to 8 years younger!
How did we come to ‘8 years younger’ you ask?
We have demonstrated that, using the day cream and the night cream together, a consumer panel reported a reduction in the severity of crows feet, under-eye, forehead and glabellar wrinkles (wrinkles between the eyebrows), based on a visual grading scale. The reduction in wrinkle grades were correlated to improvement in appearance (in number of years) supported by the results of internal research and expertise.
For example, we know that a woman with wrinkles of a certain severity is perceived to be a certain age. Based on the improvement in wrinkle severity achieved by our consumer panel, we can estimate the number of years by which they will be perceived to be younger after using these products.
Skin tone is another key parameter that affects the perception of age. Our consumer panel also reported improvements in skin tone throughout the course of the trial, thereby supporting the correlation we have made between the action of the Time Reversing products and a reduction in perceived age.
Using Time Reversing Day + Night Creams for just 4 weeks, we have found that it is possible to look up to 8 years younger.
Of course, individual results may vary. Best results can be expected with prolonged use.

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