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The ONE Instant Extensions Mascara

The ONE Instant Extensions Mascara. Brush on superb length in an instant with this fibre filled lash-extending formula! Get lash extensions in a matter of mere seconds**. The ONE Instant Extensions Mascara works like your very own personal beautician. With each brush stroke you can stretch out even more lash length for jaw-dropping effects. The 4mm fibres, the flexible formula and the Spiral Brush build extreme visual length and create dizzying lash height never seen before in Oriflame… 6mm of visible lash length*. 4mm Fibres Designed to recreate the look of in-salon extensions… in just a few seconds! Each 4mm nylon-silica fibre is captured within the formula and then grips onto your lashes as you apply. When they sit lengthways they stretch and extend out from your lash tips for a superior lengthening result. When they sit either vertically or horizontally on the body of the lash, this bulks out the lash width so they appear fuller and thicker for striking, intensified definiti

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Our slogan, ‘Natural Swedish Cosmetics,’ captures the essence of our complete portfolio of unique, innovative products inspired by nature, often including natural ingredients and developed using the latest scientific technology to make you look great.

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