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Love and Tenderness

Love is a beautiful thing. Its strength moves the rocks, made the world go round and, at the same, makes this award, strange and sometimes very cruel world a much better place to live on. Imagine, how our lives would be empty, if the strong feeling of love, doesn’t exist. We would be running, utterly empty and meaningless lives. Thus, love gives, this strange life of ours, its full meaning. The wars, which we would have been fighting, will be much cruel, in the absolute absence of a true feeling of love, mercy, sympathy, epathiny and tenderness, then the ones fought these days.
          It is a highly unique privilege to love and to be loved. We are, this strong affection we are calling love, always taking for granted. Like, it’s, by some utterly strange default, that someone has to loves us. Usually, the bare truth strikes straight between our eyes (and breaks our heart in a half), that precise second, in which we lost someone’s love. Then, when we think about love a bit better, realize (all out of a sudden) that absolutely anything in this world, should we take for granted or should we consider as default. According to our human nature, we, almost by instant, become to run ruthless and severe fights, in order to get back our lost love. But, very soon, we realize that the whole that, bloody, fight is pointless, thus it's all in vain. Then we gave up. I believe that, at least, some of you realized my allusion on the love relationships between two partners and you are, probably, right (that was on my mind, when I was writing these lines above).
But, then I though again and have realized that this pattern could be applied, almost, on the every love relationship (which is, of course, based on true love), be it between mother & child or among brother & sister or even, between relatives. Of course, the relationship between mums and their children is, in the most cases though, a really strong. It presents a truly strong bond, which couldn’t be, so easily, been breakable. But, that ends, when someone of them dies. I know that you couldn’t even imagine that you are gonna be motherless (I simply can’t-I think that the whole world would stop spinning, if my beloved mummy would, someday, stop exist- so, na├»ve of me I know!). That’s a circle of life, at least, they call it so :-P.
Everything happens for a reason. So, I wanna to offer, all of my beloved and fateful readers, a piece of pretty good advice (or two, maybe :-)). Never take love for granted, never suppose that someone’s love is understanding and unconditional (except, of course, your mum’s :-)). Fight for love, while is still there. Don’t allow, the love, to fade or go away. Fight for your special someone, with his/her love, fighting though life and facing all sorts of problems, which life brigs, are gonna be much more bearable, when we are supported (or “armed” :-)) with someone’s true love.
Regarding you mums, DO shower her with the constant attention, love and tenderness. Buy her a present, without any reason at all, except, maybe, to see the sparkle in her eyes, to see her truly happy and to keep her smiling! They won’t be around us till the rest of our lives, so we should give our best, in order to properly and fully utilize this precious time, in which we are truly blessed with their presents.

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