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Giordani Lipstick

I am pretty aware of the fact, that to have adorable vivid red lips has always considered an ultimate trend. I totally agree that the lipstick has always been one of the most favorite and the most used ladies tool, although you have to be, a pretty much, near pro, in order to use this mighty makeup tool with flawless results. I believe that the very vast majority of us, are quite ordinary female people (very far from being pro :-)), who desire to learn how to, in an appropriate way, apply our lipstick, in order to achieve the best possible results of the coverage and a fullness of the desirable color. I am gonna give my best, in order to solve this problem on your behalf.
          But, here comes another question, which might be of, a bit, more important matter and that’s- How to choose the right color of the lipstick, which would present the perfect match to our skin complexion? I strongly believe, that you are gonna agree with me on the following- I think that today’s global markets are, literary, flooded with a vast variety of the most different quality of lipsticks (ranging from the ones, which are very low & cheap to the ones of the best possible quality, but, of which the majority of us can only dream about- in that situation, I always opt for a happy medium, meaning medium quality for affordable price :-).
So, opting for the right shade can be pretty tricky. But, let me ask you- Does the following situation look familiar to you? You are on your way to buy a totally new shade of a lipstick and end up with substantial collections of lipsticks in the same color range? :-) You don’t have to worry, I am pretty sure that the majority of us, at least one, have been in the same situation. Please, always keep in your mind that the texture of a lipstick (be it gloss or matte) and type (liquid or in stick) - can, pretty drastic change the overall impression, as well as finish.
          The best advice, which I can give to you, when it comes to opting for the appropriate color of a brand new lipstick is, that you have to take into your consideration and your skin tone. I made, even, the list of me-known skin tones with corresponding shades of lipsticks, which fit perfectly with that specific tone. Let’s take a look:
v For vary pale skin tone: All shades of rose and red lipsticks;
v For the warm (Mediterranean) skin tone: All shades of orange and shades of reddish brown;
v For a bit olive skin tone: All colors of brown and red (generally speaking, all shades go along, almost perfectly, with this skin tone);
v Black skin tone: All vivid shades, ranging from pink and purple to orange and gold.
Second “issue” has been successfully solved, it remains to solve the first one :-). Regarding that, I have the unique offer to introduce to you: Oriflame has in its the latest catalog in the offer, already famous line of the gorgeous lipsticks, which are offering to you the best possible color coverage, although you aren’t a pro :-). These lipsticks are called: “Giordani Gold Voluptuous Lipstick”, with these marvelous lipsticks on your lips, you won’t pass the street without being noticed, and that’s for sure! The color ranges from the very nude pink to a vivid shade of blueberry. This outstanding lipsticks are on pretty awesome discount and by order them today, you can save up to 50%! This is highly unique offer, which you wouldn’t like to miss! Possessing this outstanding lipsticks for such an affordable price is a true bless from heaven! :-)

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