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Your Ultimate 5-in-1 Lipstick

Although, the lipstick has a long history of usage and is considered to be the most essential beauty item (and best-sold one all over the globe, also) and it presents something than no women can do (LIVE :-)) without. The vast majority of women use them on a daily basis, not knowing what they are truly wearing of their lips. The most important thing that the lipstick allows full coverage, to look and has a pleasant smell, divine rich color (whatever it may be) and, the crucial thing- that the lipstick improves our overall look (how shallow of us, I am aware now!). In order to introduce you, a bit better with lipsticks, I’ve been reaching and come up with some pretty interesting data. So, this article deals with the ingredients of a lipstick (the good ones, but also the harmful ones). Get yourself ready, here we go… :-)
    The very first thing you should know, the ingredients in a lipstick may vary, depending of a color and upon the brand. However, the vast majority of lipsticks contain of pretty common ingredients, while only a few of them may contain some small amounts of the natural or even (at the best case) some organic ingredients. Only, one single lipstick can contain over dozens of separate, and the most various, ingredients (and the exact blends and their dosage, in the single lipstick) present, the most usually, highly confidential data (or top secret :-)). These common ingredients, of which, almost every lipstick has been made of, are: waxes, essential oils and fats (musk), various emollients, some pigments and dyes, alcohol and some fragrance and a lot more (of course, in much lower doses).    Wax

     Waxes like Candelilla, Carnuba and Beeswax are the most common combination in every lipstick. Candelilla wax presents, in fact, a derived which is obtained from the leaves of the Candelilla Shub. And, Carnuba wax presents a type of the plant wax, which is obtained from the leaves of the Brazilian wax (palm trees, to be specific). This type of wax, logically :-), is much more expensive than the other two types and, according to that, it can be found only in some of the famous lipstick brands. But, all of the three wax types, which have been mentioned above, are used, in order to enable the lipstick to be molded and also to maintain its characteristic shape.
   Essential Oils
The main function of the adding essential oils is to provide for the specific lipstick, high shine and irresistible translucent effect, which no woman will resist :-P. Among the most different oils, pretty often are used the following ones: castor oil, lanolin, various kinds of vegetable oils and mineral oil. In combination with these oils, pretty often is used cocoa butter (a truly impeccable data, don’t you think too?). Wax and oil are the vital ingredient of every lipstick, and together, they are making around 60% of the total weight of an average lipstick.
The most common fat, which contains almost every lipstick, regardless of a color, is the musk. The main reason of its usage, is to cover up all the” less present smells” of some ingredients.
 Various Pigments and Dyes
They are, mainly, used when we know, exactly, what color (or shade) we desire to produce.
   Various Emollients
Like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter can be added in lipstick, in order to make them softer and moisturizing.
    Alcohol and Fragrances
Alcohol is used to serve as a powerful solvent for both-the wax and oils, while fragrances (preferably, the mild notes) are used as a mask to cover all of the unpleasant smells of some (predominantly harmful) substances. 
Among from the ingredients, which have been mentioned above, in the average lipstick may find, though, in the very small doses, and the following good ingredients, such as jojoba and chamomile oil and some small amounts of organic pigments like: beet-root and turmeric extracts. Unfortunately, an average lipstick contains and some of the pretty harmful ingredients, which may cause very severe diseases and various inflammatory processes. Some of the most harmful ones are: Lead Coat Tar Derived Coloring, Carmine and Lake Colors (and, of course, a lot more in a something smaller amounts).
Some of lipsticks can contain the trace amounts of lead. We are familiar (hopefully) with a data, that the lead can be pretty harmful (can cause a few health hazards like anemia, certain learning disabilities, also some severe cases, such as infertility or even a cancer) if ingested. Do you remember how it was fun to eat mom's lipstick, when you were a kid? And, now, when you’ve learned, how that can have, a pretty strong impact on your general health, not even allow yourself to think, to do something like that again! Good, that’s the whole point! :-)).

  Coal Tar Derived Coloring 

These harmful pigments are used, mostly, in order to produce a very vibrant red color lipstick. Coal Tar present, in fact, a by-product of coke and by simply swallowing a small amount of it, you can be suffering from nausea, severe headaches and various skin irritations.    Carmine
Despite being a natural coloring (it is obtained by boiling pigment of a cochineal scale insect), it is believed it can cause a vast number of pretty severe skin irritations (mostly, rashes) and also various kinds of allergies.

   Lake Colors
These colors are, in fact, oily dispersible colors (which are obtained from some heavy and pretty harmful metals, such as barium, potassium, aluminium and strontium). It is believed that these heavy metals are the direct cause of the various skin inflammations and irritations.
And now, when you are familiar with all these facts, try to find a suitable brand, whose lipsticks will have less harmful ingredients, and, at the same time, a lot more of the good ingredients.
My strong recommendation here, would be to opt for Oriflame’s Ultimate 5u1 Lipstick! Because, Oriflame DOES care about your health!

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