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Tailored Care for Your Age

The process of getting older never falls easy to us, the ladies. But, there isn’t absolutely nothing, that powerful, on this world, which would be able to stop the time. In the absence of adequate (and much more aggressive: -)) solutions, we, the women, are „forced“ to subserve with all sorts of „magic tricks“, in order to achieve a longer youthful skin complexion. When you’re in your 20s, you think your pimples are the crucial problem, but when you turn up 30s, then the real skin problems, all of a sudden, become to be more visible and you wished that your the biggest problem maintain „how to get rid of the pimples?“, but, you can reverse time-that’s the trick! :-)
If you feel like interested in the subject- Which of the main problems, regarding the face and neck skin, is facing the women, who are over 30s, 40s and 50 years old, stay with me till the end :-). It’s gonna be hell of the ride, so, you should fasten your seatbelt very tightly :-)!
ü If You Are in Your 30s;
Firstly, I wanna stress out that you are living in the best years in your lifetime :-)! The usual stuff, which, the most women in these ages, are dealing with, is the appearance of the first fine wrinkles (in the neck as well as face) and the whole skin tone, becomes, a bit more, uneven. But, it isn’t all, I’m afraid- ugly and pretty annoying dark spots start to develop. So, in order to reduce the „side-effects“ of aging, you should opt for a bit gentle cleanser, in order to, in a way, neutralize all the irritating effects from the anti-aging products, which you might be using. You should, by now, to know your exact skin type (on which depends your skin product you’re gonna opt for), and also to know that your skin type may vary depending on the seasons or even some hormonal disbalances. Taking all this into consideration, you should choose the appropriate cosmetic line for women over 30 years.

ü If You Are in Your 40s;
          Again, I wanna stress out that you are living in the best years in your lifetime :-)! Maybe, a few of you, will disagree, in this matter, with me, but, let me to „open your eyes“. Every decade in your life can (and will) be the best period in your lifetime, if you introduce it so to yourself  (and in your mind, as well). All you need is a little more good will and strong determination. For example, my mom fulls the following January, the huge 5-0, and she still is (the last 20 years, actually: -)), living the best years of her whole lifetime! I know it sounds silly, but the power of our minds is unquestionable, you can convince yourself in almost anything! At least, you should try it, you really don’t have anything to lose :-)... Let’s get back on the track...: -).
In your 40s the situation becomes more complicated. Fine wrinkles are, the most likely, grown in pretty deep wrinkles (especially around your eyes and forehead, am I right?). The best possible solution here would be to opt for the products, which will have an additional dose of peptides. Peptides are gonna help the skin to even out its pigment, and will help with increasing the collagen amounts in your skin cells. But, that isn’t all, I have some additional bad news for you :-(. During this decade, your skin, are gonna, the most probably, to continue to lose some of its tone and texture, so you should think that you include in your daily routine and some cleansers, which will contain low concentrations of exfoliating alpha or beta hydroxy acids. Another thing here is also highly important, and it’s called- a menopause! This is the state in which the levels of estrogen in your body begin to decline and that can lead that skin, additional, y thins out and to lose some of its previous elasticity, which is why, you may notice more pronounced sagging of the skin around your both, neck and chest. Your best chances are lying in a proactive (and pretty aggressive) approach to anti-aging skin care in your 40s, which can be of a really great help, in order to remedy some of the damage that’s already been done.
ü If You Are in Your 50s;
You all know what I am gonna stress out as the first :-). That’s the bare truth!
According to my mum, the hitting the gigantic and around 5-0 certainly presents a life-altering moment (although, I can’t understand why? But, never mind!), especially when you look yourself in the mirror and notice that you aren’t young and beautiful, that, all out of a sudden, you have lost your natural glow (in both, in your skin and in your eyes) and you become aware that you have more than a few deep wrinkles, that your skin is dull and has pretty rough texture, and also “the sagging problem” may be at the forefront of your concerns. If that’s the case, you should stick to the proven treatments, such as: moisturizer targeted for mature skin (for day and night), products which are enriched with glycolic acid (that mighty ingredient may help in reversing up your skin cell turnover, so skin stays smoother for much longer). Please, always keep in mind the following- with regularly and persistent usage of an adequate skin care for mature skin, your long lost radiance can be regained.

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