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New to the Oriflame Discover Collection

Have you ever daydreamed of journeying the world?
You are not by yourself. Many dream of finding out new and spectacular places. Five years ago Oriflame got influenced by this dream and kicked off the Discover brand. With the scents and colors of the Discover collections you could experience remarkable destinations without leaving your bathroom. We are extremely proud that Oriflame Consultants and customers have fallen in love with the brand and bought more than 100 million Discover products!
As we enjoy Discover's 5th anniversary, we want to surprise you with great news. We have a new amazing design and product packaging to make Discover products look even better! We also bring you beautiful new scents and stunning colors! And we will continue to take you on an amazing journey to new destinations!

So now we invite you to experience new remarkable places: Brazil, Bali and Paris!
Our unique and energy boosting Brazilian range is saturated with the exciting colors and scents of the Amazon rainforest. The adventure anticipates with the energising and radiant scent of the guaraná and graviola fruit.

But perhaps unwinding in beautiful surroundings appeals to you most? An enticing and mysterious location, Bali is renowned for being a paradise island. Capture the essence of this beautiful place with its subtle scent of the lotus water lilyKnown for its glamour and elegance, Paris is somewhere that many women dream of. Experience the classic French style with the lovely and provocative notes of vanilla and lavender. The Parisian Delight range perfectly captures the appeal of French elegance.
Wherever you are - there is a perfect destination for you in the Discover collection!
Get ready for more dream-inspired destinations coming soon!

How we got inspired ...
 Graviola Fruit is found in the rainforests of South America. It has a white flesh, many large seeds and a very sweet, slightly acidic scent.

Lavender The ultimate French flower, Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing effects. If you have trouble sleeping, then putting a sprig of lavender under your pillow will aid a peaceful night's sleep.

 Lotus Water Lily In Bali this flower holds a special significance. It is associated with purity and beauty because it emerges from the water pure and unspoilt.

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