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Oriflame Lip liner

How & Why to apply Lip Liner 

• Defines the contours of your lips
• Prevents lipstick from bleeding
• Helps make the colour last longer

1. Make sure the pencil is well sharpened.
2. Then lightly blend the pencil colour along the outline of your lips making sure to cover the full edge of your lip line. Start lining them along your natural lip line, from the centre of your upper lip to the outer edge. Repeat the same application on the lower lip, starting from the center to the outer edge.
3. After application, slightly smudge the contours towards the inside of your lips to avoid harsh lines.


For a natural & long-lasting look: fill in the entire lip area.

For fuller lips:

When applying lip liner trace a line outside the upper lip line following its natural shape, ensuring that the edge of the lip liner is still touching the natural lip line. Do not apply it outside the lip area. The risk is that a gap may occur if the lipstick fades, creating a “clown effect”. It is crucial to stay exactly on the lip line of your natural lips.

For thinner lips:

Use foundation on the lips to provide a base, and trace just inside the lip line with a natural-coloured pencil along your natural lip line. For both options, you can follow the next application techniques regarding the lipstick and the gloss as mentioned above.

• Feel free to use the same tone as on the lipstick or slightly darker

• Use a lip liner of nude colour (Oriflame Beauty Lip Perfection) if you would like to create a natural lip
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