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Chiffon Eau de Toilette (For Her) by Oriflame


There’s something about chiffon that takes us to a softer, more elegant time. Perhaps it’s the contrast. Soft and silky, chiffon is reserved for a delicate world of evening gowns, elegant blouses and lingerie. Sometimes innocent, but always daring, a touch of chiffon adds an exclusive feel to any outfit. It is a sensuous fabric that appeals to our more indulgent side without overwhelming us or appearing too flashy. Wearing it makes us feel poised, sexy and beautiful.

On the skin, chiffon’s soft feel becomes a delightfully pleasurable experience. Drag it over your skin and it sends tiny shivers through you. Breathe it in and you’ll find the fabric subtly perfumed with your own scent. Maybe that’s why you’ll feel so special when you spray Chiffon eau de toilette on your skin. Like a treasured moment meant to be savoured alone, it charms you with delicate geranium, plum and ylang ylang. A sheer veil of creamy white flowers and woody notes is Chiffon’s finishing touch.

The bottle design also reflects Chiffon’s soft sensuality. The smooth surface is wonderful to touch. The graceful shape is reminiscent of the material’s soft folds, calling to mind an elegantly sheer drape dancing in a warm breeze. Even the glass surface feels like chiffon, heightening the sensuality to new levels. This is a voluptuous bottle for a sultry fragrance.

Something this special you won’t want to share with anyone else. Let it be your secret indulgence.

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