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Rose of Dreams Oriflame

 Rose of Dreams Oriflame

Fresh springtime brings tons of flower arrangements from numerous homes, and compositions will be offered their fans by some of them focused on a particular kind of plants. That goes for Oriflame, which conditions a unique treat for lovers of aromatic flowers, because the most recent version is focused on a form - - - May increased.

Rose of Dreams arrives as a captivating model in-may 2013 in a glass flacon with iridescent colors of red and cyclamen colour. The structure of Increased of Desires was made by Alexis Dadier, the gifted and youthful perfumer of the home of Symrise. He used to work with Dior and was educated in the profession at the esteemed Mane Perfumery school in Grasse. Among his masterpieces are Innocent Illusion (Thierry Mugler), L'Occitane L'Eau de Azur, Jessica Simpson Elaborate and Oriflame Architect. In Alexis' view, it requires lots of love and enthusiasm to produce scents!

 Perfumer Alexis Dadier built the structure of Rose of Desires away of queen increased and truffle notes, which enhance the structure. He desired to put the most exquisite blossoms of May increased in the middle of interest, as outstanding as gemstones in cologne palette. Rich May rose scents are encompassed with a path of dark truffles, which are appreciated highly in perfumery and are called "black gemstones."


Besides Increased of Desires EDP, Oriflame is actually focused on the rose this season, and flowers may be spread to their lovers through numerous items. A range called Flowers has been prepared. Fragrant body care products are encompassed by it and it is going to be started in April 2013. Next, blush pearls can be expected by you - - - inspired by rose petals - - - Perles Illuminantes Dreamy. The aroma will be started in-may. Besides the fragrance, Oriflame will release a white bag, that will also be for sale.  To shop please go to Oriflame Shop 


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