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Catalogue 13 Moore, more, that’s how we like it!!!

Moore, more, that’s how we like it!!!

She is finally here, the Catalogue we have all be waiting for – Catalogue 13 and the launch of, in my opinion, the biggest collaboration ever with an A ‘listed Hollywood actress, yes the rumors are all true, the stunningly beautiful Demi Moore is the face of Oriflame.

Demi Moore is not only one of the most highly sought after actresses and style icons known worldwide, but her involvement in charities to help improve women’s plight in the world and her undeniable beauty have made her a true inspiration for women today.

Demi’s new range encapsulates strong, modern women and is representative of Oriflame’s dedication to empowering women around the globe.

The ECLUSIVE collection for Oriflame is launched in Catalogue 13 with the perfume, Body Butter, Shower Cream, Hairspray and the gorgeous More Bag – shall we take a peek…

Let’s start with the gorgeous More by Demi – EXCLUSIVE to Oriflame and created by top perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin who has created fragrances for Givenchy and Armani. Hello A ‘listed elegance. The prestigious golden bottle and matching cap is innovative, modern and oozes class and elegance. The design was actually inspired by a chic clutch bag that was on the arm of every important socialite at high profile events in and around Hollywood. It mirrors Los Angelas glamour and tempts you with a taste of the high life, bringing the inner diva out in us all. 

It’s an oriental floral fragrance that contains a blend of Tahitian ylang-ylang, elegant jasmine sambac and creamy sandalwood in a bid to capture the actress’s incomparable glamour and sophistication. It’s dry down comprises of fine ingredients mingled with white musk to give a long-lasting allure that will turn heads of every passing male. 

It’s absolutely stunning, try the peel back in the catalogue and get yours at the exclusive launch offer price. This would make an excellent Christmas present and you can complete your golden gift too with the special offer of the Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick – just £4.95 when you order the More by Demi eau de parfum.

The launch in catalogue 13 doesn’t end with the perfum; we have more indulgence with the velvety-rich More Body Butter. The non-greasy formula is extra nourishing and melts into the skin, leaving it delicately scented and beautifully smooth. A gorgeous body pamper after showering in the rich creamy More Shower Cream. This too is beautifully scented with the allure of the parfum and leaves skin feeling wonderfully refreshed and soft for that perfect movie star moment.

And why not get a Hollywood hair too with the More Hairspray Brilliant Shine. We like this one A LOT! It provides ultimate boost and instant long-lasting hold. The special shine agents and style polymers in the spray give added shine and leave hair looking extra healthy and glossy – perfect for the desired Hollywood look we all want to achieve as we enter into the festive party season. 

We’ve made the More indulgence collection our Beauty Bonus this Catalogue, simply because you wouldn’t want to buy one without the others – this really is the ultimate Oriflame package this Catalogue. Get the Hair and Body set for just £7.95 when you spend just £20 in Catalogue 13 – This means ANYONE buying the Edp will automatically qualify for this special Beauty Bonus.
Truly amazing, and a gorgeous gift set for anyone this Christmas.

We also launch this gorgeous new bag to the Demi collection. The More bag is a luxurious black imitation leather hobo bag, with braided shoulder strap and added tassel detailing for extra catwalk style points – a definite must for all Oriflame fashionistas out there. It also includes a mobile phone compartments, zip pocket and zip closure – perfect for all you consultants too. This purchase will also qualify customers for the brilliant Beauty Bonus too – so why not treat yourselves, once your customers see yours we just know they will want one too. It’s got gorgeous gold lining too for extra glamour.  Only £24.95 in Catalogue 13.

So has this excitement left you wanting more???
Let’s have a look at what else is new in 13…

Well as we turn the page we welcome another well-awaited product, this time in our ever-popular Time Reversing SkinGenist range.
Customers who have brought into Time Reversing SkinCare will be pleased to see the arrival of the Eye Cream. The uniquely powerful formula with GeneistSoy targets the needs of mature skin around the eyes at the genetic level, visibly lifting and tightening the skin around the eyes and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The formula contains Rock Rose, which is a great antioxidant protector, Vine Orchid for smoothing skin, and Liquorice extract that helps to lighten and brighten skin around the eyes. The precise nozzle applicator makes application easy and hygienic, one squeeze is all you need and it glides on effortlessly.
Complete your Time Reversing SkinGenist skin care regime with the exclusive launch offer in Catalogue 13 – just £10.95 to Oriflame customers.

Another newbie in Skin Care, and this time for the guys we have a new addition to the North for Men range, turn to page 103 – we’ve got the North for Men Sensitive Skin After Shaving Balm at just £3.95

This rich non-greasy, fast absorbing formula soothes skin immediately after shaving and provides a long-lasting cooling sensation and 24hour moisture.
The Aloe Vera in the balm relieves burning sensation while the Shea Butter prevents irritation. It’s been dermatologically tested on all skin types, including sensitive skin and is formulated with allergen-free fragrance.

How many brothers, uncles or male friends do you have to buy for this Christmas? The North for Men range makes the ultimate gift – team up the set of 2 Razors, Shaving foam and Balm for a generous gift that’s cost you only £10.15– I know my brothers would be happy with this gift and it hasn’t broken the bank – team the gift up with their favorite bottle of Oriflame aftershave to complete the experience – why not opt for the gorgeous new Flamboyant Prive eau de Toilette that we launched last Catalogue – it has £5 off the RRP at the minute so snap it whilst you can, or the popular Fuse eau de toilette has savings too this Catalogue – I know this one is another favorite so get it now whilst its on offer – you could get the razors, shaving foam, balm, fuse edt for just £25.10– which then qualifies you for the fab Beauty Bonus – which again would make another great Christmas gift this year – a gift for your brother’s girlfriend or wife perhaps?

We’ve got a gorgeous new fragrance in for the girls too found on page 106 in the Very Me range – Rock N Passion eau de toilette. This new youth fragrance is for the teen that wants to be a rock star and oozes attitude and redefines cool.
Try the scratch and sniff – it’s lush, I’m sure we don’t all have to be teenagers to have this one, seriously I think its on my hit list for a cool daytime scent.

It reminds me of a similar fragrance I had at school, I want to say Excumation but I don’t think that’s right. The fragrance is made up of Orange blossom, a little leather and big dose of sexy patchouli, but it’s the musk that makes me want it… it leaves a lingering light fresh scent with a twist of sassiness – I love it, check out that price tag too – where else can you get a fragrance that not only looks but smells cool at just £10.95

Turning a page you will see another newbie into the Very me range, this time in Make-up. Who remembers, I spoke about adding a pop of colour to smoky eyes? Well, I think our prayers have been answered….

Check out the VeryMe metaliner – seriously loving these…
The intense shimmering metallic eyeliners are available in 4 hot hues…Turquoise, Silver, Black and Blue – which one are you daring trend? I’ve already got turquoise in my make-up collection so for me it has to be the blue! Love it!
Get trending those hot flicks we’ve been speaking about – use the stylo applicator for sleek precise lines and for extra added flair team up 2 colours – why not opt for the silver and blue for that ultimate perfect party season look. Just £3.95

We have a gorgeous new make-up collection in for catalogue 13 too and this one is the Neo Chic autumn trend collection – excited!
The collection is all about contrast and not following any rules, daring to mix your colour palate to create a beautiful and striking catwalk look.

The Colour Palette consists of fragile pinks and “washed-out” gray, green and mauve tones rebelliously mixed with eccentric and provocative bright pink.

The Eye Shadow trios come in subtle tones, from dirty pastels to darker, smokier hues and you can compliment the vogue look with washed-out pastel nails and eccentric, almost acid pink lips.

The catalogue shows you all you need to know about creating the desired look, follow the 3 simple steps to get layered eyes and team it up with striking lashes using the Giordani Gold Volume Delight mascara that we have on offer on page 39.

We have some fab new launches in our personal and skin care section of the Catalogue too – flip towards the back end and you are sure to smell the sweet scent in the pure nature range, it’s just gorgeous.

The Pure Nature Patchouli and Ylang Ylang is simply divine. We have the 2-in-1 Cleanser formulated with Patchouli and Ylang Ylang essential oils to gently remove impurities and makes your skin silky soft. The Face Mask to protect and hydrate the skin and the gorgeous Face Cream, a light and nourishing mosturiser that is just perfect for dry skin.

Moisturising patchouli and soothing Ylang Ylang turn your daily skin care routine into an aromatic skin-nourishing ritual. Its Perfect for keeping skin protected during the cold/harsh winter months and makes a lovely giftable set for under £12– try the scratch and sniff and uplift your senses.

Turning the page we can all purify, cool and replenish the skin with the new Swedish Spa Sauna experience. This one has to be my favorite…. simply bliss. How many of us reward ourselves with a sauna after a workout at the gym, it’s a must right – or maybe you treat yourself to hot soak in the bath after a long day?

 Well if the above are your guilty pleasures then add a little Scandinavian indulgence into your experience. Treat yourself and purify, calm and re-mineralize your skin through a complete 3 step routine that will bring back a body beautiful healthy radiant glow.

New to Catalogue 13 we have the Swedish Spa Exfoliating Mud, an intensive treatment to purify the skin before Sauna/bath. It’s enriched with White Clay and Silver Birch extract and leaves the skin detoxified and soft.

After a sauna or hot soak, give yourself a rinse off and lather in the Swedish Spa Cooling Shower Mousse. This is a rich, invigorating foaming mousse that gives the body that cool down it needs. It is enriched with Peppermint Oil for cooling sensation and Silver Birch extract to calm skin.

Next, replenish the body with the Cream for a final skin treatment after Sauna/Bath. This will leave skin super soft and moisturized. Its Infused with Silver Birch extract to re-mineralizes and refreshes skin, so whether it’s for morning or evening you start or end your day feeling truly rejuvenated.

We have a fab add on offer linked to this launch too – who wouldn’t love a massage after that indulgence? When you buy the Swedish Spa set you can get the Wooden Massager Brush for only £2.95/3.95 – lovely. You can get the complete package, the Exfoliating Mud, Cooling Shower Mousse, Replenishing Body Cream and Massager for under £19– seriously good, and if anyone wants to treat me this Christmas then you know where you can send the parcel to!

Next, lets flip the page once more and take a look at the fabulous, not-to-be missed offer in our Feet Up range.
Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been spending a lot of time in the evening on my tootsie since my feet are currently living in my best winter boots. Autumn is by far my favorite season, as for me it’ all about getting a new pair of boots, but who wants gorgeous shoes and nasty feet??

Heavy footwear in Winter months can really damage your tootsie, not only do they sweat more without ventilation but feet dry quicker because they are not re-hydrated after sweating.

But don’t worry guys; you can still have your best kinky boots and gorgeous feet that aren’t going to break the bank. Say hello to the Feet up Artic Scandinavia Foot Spray and Cream.

Feet Up Arctic Scandinavia is based on our best-selling foot formulas but enriched and fragranced with the most powerful natural ingredients from northern Scandinavia

• Arctic Sea Buckthorn
• Arctic Heather

These aromatic ingredients are extremely rich in natural anti-oxidants to soften, moisturize and protect.

The spray is great for giving feet that quick pick-me-up and contains deodrising agents to refresh and revitalize tired feet. Whilst the Foot Cream is rich in Glycerine and Urea to intensively condition and reduce dryness.

When used together you are sure to have super fine refreshed feet. I would recommend to use daily though, I’ve been spraying in the morning and moisturizing in the evening and can really notice a difference, and best of all, my beautiful boots aren’t smelling.

You can get the set of Cream and Spray for only £3.45 (Half price) when you spend £10 in the ending section of the catalogue (P116-134).
Lots of favorite goodies and the cozy Slipper Socks to choose from, which are perfect for putting on around the house after you, have applied the cream.

What else is New in 13 – well I have some gorgeous Lucille Loves to throw into the mix this Catalogue launch…. check out these gorgeous Oriflame finds…you won’t be disappointed.

I’m loving the Samantha Necklace on page 21 – this would look gorgeous against a black turtleneck jumper this winter. It’s a long chain, 76cm, which sits perfectly on the chest and is these seasons must have colour, Cognac Gold. I love how the Amber bead pendant drops down from the chain slightly giving it extra length. I also love the round clasping links, I have my eye on something similar from Tiffany and Co but this is just as good when I don’t have a spare 4k to spend on lavish accessories. Pick up yours for just £7.95 in Oriflame’s catalogue 13.

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